Matt said: Quantum-Theory is a rather complicated matter of which I knew next to Quantum by Manjit Kumar Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra. In his lively new book, “Quantum,” the science writer Manjit Kumar cites a poll about the interpretation of quantum mechanics, taken among. Manjit Kumar’s Quantum is a super-collider of a book, shaking together an exotic cocktail of free-thinking physicists, tracing their chaotic.

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The author presents a nice proportionate view of different aspects childhood, personal, professional of the life of the scientists without every missing a rudimentary explanation of the physical principles each scientist unfolded with their discoveries of new things and how it even The book gives a condensed history of the modern physics. For sure it’ll clear up what quantum means when the physics people use it. By comparison, this book is light on the science, but provides an excellent manuit of quantum physics.

View all 10 comments. Somewhere, Einstein is puffing on his pipe and smiling ironically.

Quantum: Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality

At the conferences in Solvay in and Einstein offered thought experiments to show quantum mechanics was an incomplete description of reality. We have all heard of Schroendinger’s cat, but have we heard of Einsteins Light Box.

The book gives a condensed history of the modern physics. But this book is something just different, wonderfuLly different. This book gave life to most of the physics stuff I learnt. Each orbit had a specific energy level. Randy Gardner I found my copy at a library surplus book store.

Bohr believed that uncertainty was fundamental to the quantum nature of wave-particle duality. Deterministic philosophy was spurred by Newtonian mechanics; if we know a system and its physical properties size, color, or position at one point in time, then at some point in future we can predict the system based on these physical properties.

Bohr argued that complete knowledge of the present can result only in a description of what the future most probably will be like, but there is no such thing as certainty in quantum world.


As it is evident from the title, the aim of the book was to present the clash of philosophical viewpoints between Einstein and Bohr about quantum theory and its interpretation. Einstein died the next year at But then Manjit examines the concept very thoroughly, focussing on the Copenhagen interpretation along with Einstein’s objections to this interpretation, based on his belief that quantum theory is incomplete and that probability and non-locality must have some underlying explanation that is still to be discovered.

Not an easy subject but the author manages to make it accessible for non-scientist, and he kept the mathematicas at a minimum. Then the stage is all set for the great question about the nature of reality. Pauli developed a fourth quantum number which would later be explained as spin. Einstein employed his quantum theory of electromagnetic radiation to explain the photoelectric effect in which light precipitates the release of electrons from metals.

Manjit Kumar takes a very complicated topic, quantum mechanics and breaks down into understandable language.

Quantum: Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality by Manjit Kumar

I especially appreciate the way qjantum author combine science, history and scientists personal lives. When it manjih it will trigger a Geiger counter that will trigger the release of a vial of poison killing the cat. Bohr held that observer and observed could not be separated. If you are interested in a mnajit or religious interpretation of quantum theory, this is not the book. Infinding time after his ground shattering theory of general relativity was announced inEinstein theorized that spontaneous emission occurred when an electron jumped to a lower energy orbit.

Kumar explains the debates between Bohr and Einstein about quantum theory and the very nature of reality with impressive clarity. In fact the implications of this disagreement went deeper, calling into question the fundamental role of physics itself, and whether there is even such a thing to be measured as an independent objective reality.

Years ago, When I started my studies in chemistry and physics, my brother thoughtfully gave me a framed copy of the famous Solvay Conference kuamr photo, the one mentioned in the prologue, as inspiration. There is no underlying truth about what light “really” is.


Sure enough subsequent experiments showed that electrons diffracted just like light. There was a similar leap needed when the quantum was discovered. Moreover gives a clear idea about how difficult is to bring new concepts in a well established academic community.

Their collective efforts to understand the universe we live in through publications, conferences, discussions correspondence and collaborative efforts are essential to scientific advancement. You might have thought that Khmar, the most famous scientist who ever lived, was not much in need of rehabilitation. Jun 18, Durvasa Gupta rated it it was amazing.

The debate would dominate the minds of Bohr and Einstein over the ensuing years.

Although I study chemistry and I love science, I’ve never been good at physics. Basically Heisenberg was saying classical concepts of wave, particle, position, momentum and trajectory had no meaning in the quantum world until observed. Afterwards he would work in his study until dinner between 6.

This shows that not everything is settled in quantum physics. Only those orbits that could accommodate whole or half wave lengths were physically possible.

The mischievous oracle

And an electron doesn’t have a definite position in space before you choose to measure it: For scientists, this book is certainly too superficial, but I think in order to gain an outside perspective on quantum mechanics this is an excellent read.

The book manages this. Only a kumsr would behave this way. However, it doesn’t mean that quahtum mechanics cannot be understood whatsoever. Of 90 respondents, “only four voted for the Copenhagen interpretation, but 30 favoured the modern version of [ Q uantum physics is the branch of science most irresistible to raiders from other disciplines who don’t quite understand it.

I particularly liked the part which mentions rivalry between Schrodinger and Heisenberg.