Read hilarious stories with serious lessons that Michael Lopp extracts from his varied and sometimes bizarre experiences managing humans at many of the. Managing Humans Introduction Site. that while they might be great with bits. They still needed to figure out how to Manage Humans. Rands in Meadow. Source code for ‘Managing Humans’ by Michael Lopp. Contribute to Apress/ managing-humans development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Always love your ideas — given the 30 minutes with each of your coworker question — I would love to hear your thoughts on really flat organizations — how do you do that when you have a team of 18 people?

I would have appreciated some acknowledgement from him that some successful engineers and engineering managers do not fit into these boxes he is creating. May 14, Keith rated it it was ok Shelves: John 6 years ago.

Drawing on Lopp’s management experiences at Apple, Netscape, Symantec, and Borland, this book is full of stories based on companies in the Silicon Valley where people have been known to yell at each other. I’m starting a managerial position and this scares the hell out of me since I’m no longer able to hide in managkng cave, put the headset and ignore that everything around me ever existed.

Managing Humans, 2nd Edition

I bought this book because I love the author’s blog www. Nerds are witty because they connect Let me say that e-mail is never ever ever never ever the right way to resolve controversy. I’m a long-time reader of the author’s blog, so a lot of the concepts and stories weren’t new to me, but they’re engagingly told and the advice is woven well with the anecdotes.

If you are a software developer, go get managinng book, it is a hell of amusement.

I probably owe my most recent promotion to this book. Paperbackpages. This book made a big impact on me because it spoke to what I’ve been at this year: Despite all of that it is still worth reading for the insights it packs. There is some attempt at organization but it feels very jumbled, oddly enough even more jumbled than the blog. Nov 24, Kate rated it really liked it. I’m starting a managerial position and this scares the hell out of me since I’m no longer able to hide in my cave, put the headset and ignore that everything a Managimg you humand to scare the hell out of a software engineer, an obsessed introvert geek, mcihael him a managerial position!!


Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager by Michael Lopp

It just kept making me say “yes, that’s it! Adam Coffman 6 years ago. Whether you’re thinking about moving into software engineering management or have already been doing it for awhile, this is a book you need to own and read. If you consider yourself a project manager, team lead, software development manager, program manager or engaged in software projects, read this one along with other books and courses on leadership and management to tickle you en enrich your potential.

Personality types, buzz words, the crazy world of Silicon Valley or any software developer’s cubicle around the world need your attention.

Managing Humans – An Introduction

As a software engineering manager, I am exactly the target audience for Managing Humans. I don’t think nerd is a useful way to describe humans. Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder How to manage your first 90 days at a new company The purpose of a “nerd cave” How to manage your nerds i. Alli 6 years ago. Have you ever sat in a meeting full of engineers? Jokes are memorized comedy retold with moxie.

I believe the topics we chew on on this oddly shaped corner of the Internet are increasingly important. A lot of good information, cleverly conveyed. That said, those parts of the book that did fee relevant to someone who is a manager of any kin Hilarious and insightful, but wandering.

It’s always hard lpp review advice books, because it’s easy to write advice that sounds good but doesn’t actually work well in practice, and by the time you’ve had the practice you’ve often forgotten the book. And there are some recommendations that make sense. Open Preview See a Problem?

Definitely a good read overall – flagged a few things I want to try and could certainly see myself going back to this as a reference. Dec 16, Ishraq rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lopp uses stories very well to make his points an approach he uses during his live talks as well. Pitch, people, process, and product How to take time and think instead of react Hacking as a means of encouraging disruption How to let ideas “soak” for creativity Managers are chaos-destroying machines How to deal with the sky falling crises.


Eli hkmans years ago. Lists with This Book. My first reaction to this panic rush is search for managerial books, more precisely how to deal with the other creatures out there and it would means a lot to humsns if it is something related to software engineering.

Kevin 6 years ago. I’m bumping this up a couple stars. I’ve also got a few “spare” maanaging at home that I give to any friends who notice it and are interested. Patrix 6 years ago. This is not a book of management theory, or planning methodologies, or particularly “evidence based” other than being rooted in his personal experiences in Silicon Valley.

I ordered this from Amazon the day this post went up and its great! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The fact that he did not put in the effort to alternate pronouns regularly means that he does not care enough to think that it is important.

As with John, Managing Humans: As a fan of the 1st edition book I am also wondering what got cut.

If you’re in tech industry working with engineers, designers and anybody else building products, this books is highly recommended, especially if you: I was surprised to find that the ideal employee in the software industry is very different from the ideal employee in other industries.

New Guard to be helpful in understanding the behaviors and motives of my co-workers. Once you have registered your Kindle to a local Amazon website, I am not sure you can go back to this though. May 10, Scott rated it it was amazing.