This is the complete electronic text of the Mahanirvana Tantra with links to each chapter. Tantra. I am telling Thee the truth, O Devi! Lay it to the heart and ponder over it. There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, the most. The mahanirvana Tantra is in the form of dialog between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati where the Mahadeva Himself explains the theory and practice of .

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Mahanirvana Tantra | Mahavidya

Now listen, O Blessed One! Let the disciple obtain a Guru who is a knower of Brahman, peaceful and of placid mind, and then, clasping his lotus-like feet, let him supplicate him as follows: These words, when combined according to the rules of Sandhi, form a Mantra of seven letters. As the pouring of water at the root of a tree satisfies the wants of the leaves and branches, so by worshipping Him tabtra the Deathless Ones are satisfied Beyond sushupti is the turiyaand beyond turiya the transcendent fifth state without name.

In this sadhana there is no need for a multiplicity of Nyasa, for fasting or other practices of self-restraint. Revealer of the Kula-dharma. The sangskara are intended to be performed at certain stages in the development of the human bodywith the view to effect results beneficial to the human organism.

And so the Tantras pre-scribe as the scene of such rites the solitary mountain-top, the lonely empty house and river-side, and the cremation-ground. It is by the grace of this Mantra, O Devi!

Manas automatically registers the facts which the senses perceive. They are not, as sometimes supposed, different sects, but stages through which the worshipper in this or other births has to pass before he reaches the supreme stage of the Kaula.

Mahanirvana Tantra – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

In external worship, there is worship either of an image pratimaor of a yantra q. Then follows the nama-karanaor naming ceremonyand nishkramana in the fourth month after delivery, when the child is taken out of doors for the first time and shown the sunthe vivifying source of lifethe material embodiment of the Divine Savita. These figures should be drawn either with vermilion or Rajas Kula-pushpaor red sandal paste; the Devata of the support should then be worshipped thereon The man who offers them without purification goes to hell Each of these movements is Divine.


Lastly, through samadhi the quality of nirliptatvaor detachmentand thereafter mukti liberation is attained. This Mantra is in every mahsnirvana efficacious in initiation. It is the Ever-existent, Changeless, Omnipresent, Mahanirvanw Intelligence unattached to, yet existing in and enveloping all things He begins first by describing the householder stage, with devotion to Brahman.

Verse 67 in Chapter I.

The ordinary human Guru is but the manifestation on the phenomenal plane of the Tantrx Maha-kalathe Supreme Guru abiding in Kailasa. By these four processes and three mental acts, seven qualities, known as shodhanadridhatasthiratadhairyyalaghavapratyakshanirliptatva vide postare acquired.

Mahanirvana Tantra – Chapter Index

But it is not only the lower physical desires of eating, drinking, and sexual intercourse which ttantra be subjugated. Initiation by a woman is efficacious; that by a mother is eight-fold so.

In worship these sixteen offerings are needed The Tantra makes no caste distinctions as regards worship. Without Kulachara, O Devi!

In the second half of the last quarter of the night the disciple mahanirvsna rise from sleep. Parched food is the fourth tattva and contains three categories. The whole universe is the appearance of Thee Who art its Cause.

He should then mark off a mshanirvana space as his seat, draw a triangle within it, and therein worship Kama-rupa with the. Nor do high and strict Brahmanas even in that Province. Yogain seeking mental control and concentrationmakes use of certain preliminary physical processes sadhanasuch as the shatkarmmaasanamudraand pranayama. Similarly the Tantrika Mantra for the Shivashakti Yoga runs:.

Then charge the wine with the following mahankrvana Mantras, beginning with akhanda: Though this is true, an experienced spiritual teacher guru will know how, by the application of this poisonous medicineto kill the poison of sangsara.

If there be mahxnirvana mistake as to mahanirvan application, the patient is like to die. The merit gained by honouring a Kaulika is ten million times that which is acquired by giving away the world with all its gold Vastithe second of the shatkarmmais twofold, and is either of the dry shuska or watery jala kind. This Universe, from the great principle of Mahat down to the tajtra elements, has been created by Thee, since Brahman Cause of all causes is but the instrumental Cause Long walks and other violent exercise should be avoided, as also — certainly in the case of beginners — sexual intercourse.


Mudra is the awakening of knowledge in the pericarp of the great sahasrara Lotuswhere the Atmalike mercuryresplendent as ten million sunsand deliciously cool as ten million moons, is united with the Devi Kundalini.

But the bulk of the people there, both men and women, eat fishand men consume the flesh of male goats which have been previously offered to the Deity. With an increasing determination to protect dharma and destroy a- dharmathe sadhaka passes into Shaivacharathe warrior kshatriya stage, wherein to love and mercy are added strenuous striving and the cultivation of power.

Shiva is white, with five faces, three eyesten arms, and is dressed in tiger skins. Without dakshajapa of the mantrapujaand other ritual acts, are said to be useless. Having offered this arghya to the Mahadevi, the wise one should make Japa with the Mula-mantra with all his powers, and then place the Japa in the left hand of the Devi Then, with scent and flowers, worship the four Kula-gurus — namely, Guru, Parama-guru, Parapara-guru, Parameshti-guru Then rinsing his mouth, oblation of water should be offered to the Sun with the following In pitha-nyasa the pitha are established in place of the matrika.

Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs for He recites the mantras of this chapter to Parvati, dealing with the worship and meditation of Vastu and Dhyana.