Profesor/a: Lupicinio Íñiguez-Rueda. DESCRIPTORES: Giro lingüístico. Teoría de los Actos del habla. Etnometodología. LingUística Pragmática. Análisis del. LI Rueda, Lupicinio Iniguez, Lupicinio Iniguez Rueda, Lupicinio Iñiguez, de investigación en Ciencias sociales y en el Análisis del Discurso. Lupicinio Iñiguez Rueda. Unitat de Psicologia Social Íñiguez,L. & Antaki,C. ( ) El análisis del discurso en Psicología. social. Boletín de Psicología.

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Las palabras y las cosas. These interviews were transcribed and included in these diaries. The notion of accountability can be read as an integrative concept that involves the rest of ethnomethodological concepts that we have exposed: As a result of the fieldwork, we have 16 field diaries derived from the participant observation work, 27 interviews and four discussion groups.

However, our thesis is that beyond the plurality of antecedents that converge in Discursive Psychology, and beyond the heterogeneity and the different nuances of the recent developments of the Ethnomethodology, it is possible to recognize in the logic of qualitative social research proposed by DP an ethnomethodological nucleus that is part of its theoretical imprinting and analytical perspective of the psychosocial processes.

Beyond attitudes and behaviour. They explained that she has to dialthat it is a card for the whole world and that there are no cards that say “Ecuador”. And indeed, they have allowed us to study how the meanings, perceptions and practices of persons who walk through their doors and frequent them turn them into sociopetal places that reformulate the business sense of the entrance-service-exit of clients into what we have called “association stations” or fluid spaces that encourage multiple, technological, interpersonal and community links of possible stability, and the implications and effects this creates.

The purpose of this article is to contribute to account and specify the distinctive characteristics of DP, giving some of its most significant contributions and innovations to the field of social psychology and qualitative research.

As Coulon,p. We present below three fundamental axes to understand the specificity of the ethnomethodological perspective: Unlike the other times when I have been here, today I am looking for a card to make calls within Europe.

Then, starting from the development of five axes, it realizes how DP assumes in its conceptual frameworks and its investigative strategies the main ethnomethodological postulates.

I asked how much they cost and whether they brought them in from somewhere As we have pointed out, links with people from the same country analiis very common among migrants in telecenters. The way in which the relationship between actor and rule is reconceptualized, to which we have already aalisis, evidences this: The construction of immigration as a problem is linked to the ignorance of these aspects pointed out in Thomas and Znaniecki’s book and its approach also depends on the recognition or otherwise of these processes.

Analisis Del Discurso : Lupicinio Iniguez Rueda :

Rather than seeking the expression of certain internal cognitive processes or social macrostructures in the discourse, the attention is directed to discourse as an action that produces daily versions of the world and individuals, which constitute the warp, always local, variable and contingent, of social reality. The social construction of mind: In addition, those attending the stadium will be able to report on the activity in which they participate tell a friend on the phone how the game was, tell what is happening to a frightened child who goes to the stadium for the first timeas well as the situation in which they are and, in this way, they will be giving meaning and intelligibility to the very occurrence of the situation.

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It is important to note that, from this perspective, the object of study is not the meanings that people attribute to the situations of their ordinary life, but rather the set of strategies, procedures and methods from which the actors, in specific social scenarios, find the appropriate way to coordinate and proceed with the action expected in these circumstances. The important thing is what they transport and who they connect, not the elements themselves.

However, a new variable is beginning to emerge, the presence of new information and communication technologies ICT. Ethnomethodology is a sociological theory that emerged in the s in the United States from the pioneering works of Harold Garfinkel, which was further developed thanks to the work of researchers such as Harvey Sacks, Don Zimerman, Aaron Cicourel and John Heritage.

Well, what people usually come in to do is make phone calls, as the name suggests. These needs are related to their host society contacts, papers, information, paperwork, relationsbut also to their society of origin remittances, family and affective ties.

On the one hand, like the screens, cables and immaterial waves that ulpicinio the commercial activity of a telecenter, this is a fluid, anonymous space of circulation, entries and exits; in short, a “neutral” or “border” territory bearing in mind the fact that borders are non-identity places, limits between two demarcations that people cross momentarily in order to link up with a specific virtual or geographic place through ICT. In compliance with the ethnomethodological proposal, studying the social reality must consist in focusing attention on the natural exchanges of every day, where the social scenarios and situations are constituted.

We all have different problems but in the long run, I think that the main problem is surviving” Helena, telecenter user, Barcelona, January The term is used to describe a form of arrangement or organization of a set of heterogeneous elements.

The skin of the person will be left intact. The registration and description of the spaces, material, technologies, events, and lhpicinio produced during the observation sessions were carried out without establishing any primacy, predominance or exceptionality in what was observed pupicinio the data and information gathered have also obviously included the reflections, interpretations and subjective experiences we had in the telecenters.

That is, social facts are the product of methodical, persevering, reflexive, thoughtful and competent actions carried out by the social actors themselves in practical activities, results that they themselves endow, cover and presume as rational and more or less correct to the extent that are useful and necessary to configure their practical realities Robles,p.

Thus, unlike other microsociologies such as phenomenology or symbolic interactionism, which incorporate a notion of subjectivity, consciousness, self or identity in their theoretical discursp of social reality, ethnomethodologists focus on the observable actions of individuals in concrete contexts, taking into account the discourses that agents produce as part of the action Ritzer, Reflexivity 5 points to a luicinio movement that operates at all times: In this respect, we have understood and interpreted the telecenter as a “station”, because, like a station, it is a transit area that provides travelers with a link for arriving at a geographical point.


Between July and Julyobservations were carried out at six telecenters. The massive appearance of access points for both ICT and conventional telephones in the past decade, aimed specifically at the immigrant population, although they are not the sole end users, justifies the consideration in this article of these new socio-technical spaces as nodes for creating and maintaining diverse social networks, both national and transnational. In the course of the observations, key informants were identified, 5 who agreed to be interviewed or take part in discussion groups.

Volumen 8No. He said that dlscurso was filling in exactly the same application and that the information was not available on the Internet and that she would have to go there to get it.

In this respect, it is more common to regard a telecenter as an intermediary and to view it simply as a context of action or a connector between discreet entities: I almost feel a sense of relief” Eva, telecenter user, Barcelona, March Postmodernity, subjectivity and the media.

Analisis Del Discurso

The telecenter can handle specific demands by activating and linking the migratory experience with putting people in touch with their fellow countrymen. Thus, in describing their own action and that of others within the stadium in a particular way, they will be configuring, as the notion of reflexivity points out, the specificity and rationality of that particular social scene.

Studying the social mobility of the migrant in a different context to the one in which he originated and his role in the creation of the society in which we live, implies, now, more than ever before, studying ICT, specifically entities such as telecenters. Telecenters as Association Xnalisis The unity of these elements and their consideration as an organized set is due precisely to the fact that they operate together as a functional unit.

New rules of sociological method.

Spink, Mary Jane Trying to strike up a friendship with me because he thought we were the same age, he said: This will undoubtedly make it possible to understand and eventually tolerate and assume the change in the receiving society. And so, not all of them, obviously, but many of the telecenters observed are preferred by a specific national or cultural community: We used the same sort of slang If we examine it as a mediator, we can see it as a coordinator of meanings and relations, as an agent that links and permits actions and lupicinoo.