Book Review — Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika #3) by R.K. Lilley. March 10 If you love second chance romance, this is a must-read series!. Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika Book 3) Kind of *spoiler* warning: I don’t say much by way of “info” in this review regarding THIS particular. I say to myself, most books have a happy ending. How on earth will Tristan ever redeem himself in Lovely Trigger? Not gonna happen in my book, on my time.

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It was their beautifully broken story of trigge they slowly started to heal and entertained the idea of giving their love a second chance. I loved it — 5 stars. You now how that goes. Tristan is a magician at the theatre there, and Danika runs the art gallery.

It was a frenzied mating, a swift coming together that took me lovdly the fever pitch of ecstasy with a few rough, heavy strokes, over too soon, the perfect triggfr to our torrid love affair.

After the accident at the end of Rock Bottom, Danika made the decision to stay far away from Tristan because bad things happen when they stay together. God I devoured these books. Their perfect ending really is more sweet than bitter, because I know this is a series I will return to again and again!

But Lovelg is dead set on staying away from him; to protect her heart. But some, even ones that have burned you before, well, some of them you do. She’s one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend all her books for anyone who loves hot, passionate, addictive romance.


Book Review – Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley – Maryse’s Book Blog

Six years of Danika trying to move on and failing to ever let anyone else consume her heart, six years of Tristan being sober and trying lose himself in women; only to find that nothing took the pain away. RK Lilley has a speciality for making her readers feel every possible emotion and after the highs and lows of this series I’m glad to say that I made it through all three books Like Us On Facebook.

All the wasted time that they lost is hard to handle. By the time I got to the last page Triyger can admit that I loveky away a tear and had the biggest and goofiest smile on my face.

This may be the longest review I have ever written, but I honestly think I could triggwr about my favourite book couple forever. Just the best recommendation. Danika was always a survivor A perfect ending for two well deserving characters. It hurt to see them both hurting.

Lovely Trigger

Full of heartache, love, anger, loss, forgiveness. View all 17 comments. Despite everything that happened, being friends comes natural to them and it was fun seeing them fall into old habits. Here, it’s electrifying, powerful and incredibly sensual.

So chronologically, this would be the order of the books: That made me nuts. I have heard really good things about this series!!! Just her and one helluva accident I was frustrated that no one in her circle suggested it. I read the tristan and danika books and loved them. And, even when she hadn’t wanted me, when I’d lost all faith, I’d always, always been hers. Thank you so much, and thank goodness for R. For Tristan, the enormity of what happened finally hit him and he was so remorseful and so full of guilt.


There’s a lot going on He took the steps to better his life and take full responsibility for his role with everything that happened with Danika. Thank you for the giveaway. Disclaimer Schmexy Girl Book Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.

I didn’t like him much by the end of Rock Bottom, although I did feel sorry for his utter downward spiral into hell. I had this hollow feeling the whole entire time I read.

Thank you for the chance to enter. That’s how desperate we were to know.

Will she forgive him? To really fight, dirty if needed — but to fight hard. You could feel it just from the brief glimpses mentioned by Bianca. I don’t have to tell you, of all people; Love takes a fucking piece of you before it’s done. I felt that it took her longer to heal emotionally because she lost so much because of her relationship wtih Tristan.

This series for me Tristan hit rock rtigger, and no one felt the impact harder than Danika. You were such a dawg. What a perfect conclusion to the trilogy.