“A moving act of absolution This strong novel about a girl who is debased but never destroyed pushes the reader to a new level of understanding of the. Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig. Fifteen-year-old Hanka Kaudersová has ginger hair and clear, green eyes. When her famil. Rebecca Newman reviews Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig and War Story by Gwen Edelman.

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After his retirement from the American University inhe became a full-time resident of Prague. Part 1 Chapter 4. I’m always drawn in by accounts or stories of what people went through at the hands of the Nazi mindset.

The story was told very creatively, with the first person POV being from a character other than Skinny This novel was simply told while still being moving. She studies the animals that come from the forest — wolves who attack a body that has been executed by the firing squad, birds that pick at dead rats — and arnoet follows with descriptions of the German military, with an emotionless observant tone: Your project is off to a good start!

Lustig’s prose is evocative at the same time it is sparse, even during harrowing scenes of physical and mental cruelty. View Full Version of PW. But there was so much to the book….

Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig – read review

After the war, he studied journalism at Charles University in Prague and then worked for a number of years at Radio Prague. Although I have read other books fiction and non-fiction that dealt with the Holocaust, this was a difficult book to read, probably because Lustig was able to draw a character who seemed so real and so vulnerable. Arnost Lustigbook wyes Tags: As the Colonel describes some of the things he has done and witnessed during the war, her calmness in the face of such horror is truly admirable.


It sounds great, if difficult and harsh.

Lovely Green Eyes

It’s beautifully written, but is an incredibly intense description of sexual brutality during the holocaust. Lovely Green Eyes zooms in on one girl and her very honest and real daily life in the midst of all lustiig that despair. Lists of names dissect syes passages, generally 12 men’s names, the names we are to assume were Lovely Green Eyes’ quota for the day. From this book alone, I now want to learn more of the horrors from inside the concentration camps.

Yes, brutality was exalted.

Greeen arrival at Auschwitz Hanka adds three years to her age, thus when the requirement is for girls eighteen years or older and not Jewish and she is the last to be interviewed and accepted. Thanks for the really compelling review!

Although Skinny hides her own feelings and doesn’t exhibit much of her own personality, I still felt an incredible sadness and sympathy for her. That distance could have resulted in a disjointed story, however it is lkstig cleverly done that it in fact intesifies the horror of her situation. She feels so vulnerable when nude, with the German officers especially, who could learn of her true ethnicity and execute her on the spot.

Arnost Lustig’s own experiences of the holocaust have obviously fed into this loovely, and it would be impossible to imagine someone without those experiences being able to write such a heartfelt, shocking and lyrical book that fully conveys the horror of the holocaust.


Order our Lovely Green Eyes: I would’ve enjoyed more insight into Skinny’s behavior and thoughts after the war, and her thoughts toward her friends and, later, husband, by whom the story is told.

Arnost Lustig – Lovely Green Eyes

Read more of my reviews at The Aussie Zombie A town consumed by flames. To ask other readers questions about Lovely Green Eyesplease sign up. When the full moon wasn’t hidden lusrig clouds and as long as the stars were shining, the wolves seemed white, with huge silver eyes.

Immediately I sensed that Lustig had either been in the camps or was intimate with someone who had. Monday 31 Ludtig He even suggests that he would like to take her to events outside the brothel, and leaves her a warm pullover and some money when he departs. The meat of this book comes from close lustog views of the Nazi mindset portrayed by two officers. At the opening of this book, Lustig asks, “How many people have secrets that no-one ever discovers?

She has hair of ginger and lovely green eyes, and she has just been transported with her family from Terezin to Auschwitz.