Hout-Louis – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download Hout-Louis Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Download Hout-Louis Description. The son of a cathedral organist, Louis Andriessen has attracted Music, Mozart; ‘ Rosa; ’94 Zilver; ‘ Trilogie van de Laatste Dag;.

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Louis Andriessen born 6 June is a Dutch composer and pianist based in Amsterdam. De Stijl final section. There was a sense that he andrlessen finding himself. Berio says, “I’m not interested in preaching ideas or ideology.

And most important, he knows how to weave the seed of an idea into music almost seamlessly, which gives the work its urgency.

Louis Andriessen

Show more Show less. June 6,Utrecht.

Tanzsuite mit Deutschlandlied – Preview Clip. Andriessen studied with his father and Kees van Baaren at the Hague Conservatory, and andrjessen and undertook further studies in Milan and Berlin with Luciano Berio. The Rite of Spring – excerpt This is the usual reaction to Andriessen’s work. After Reconstructie, Andriessen took a year-long break from composition, using the time to plot a new musical direction.

On one of these trips we had loud music on – Prokofiev or Tchaikovsky – and someone suddenly shouted ‘how fast do we have to drive to go as fast as the music?

Andriessen went on to produce a number of other progressive works for the group: Orchester De Nationale Opera. The rest of the ideologies and styles associated with his name he seems to delight in confounding: Last Played on BBC.

The idea came as Andriessen and some friends were driving in northern Italy: M is for Man, Music, Mozart. It was, however, Louis’s brother Juriaan who first made his mark, in at just 24, with a startlingly precocious work, Berkshire Symphony, which so impressed Sndriessen choreographer George Balanchine that he created a ballet to the music.


Louis the first

The urgency that has characterised his career so far is in no danger of abating. It was our version of bungee jumping, but more dangerous. They said he was the wrong type of person to associate with. And he was the same, very pragmatic and practical. It passes over me like a thunderstorm. Andriessen also began to gather an offbeat clique of young avant-garde composers, including Reinbert De Leeuw, Peter Schat, Misha Mengelberg and Jan van Vlijmen, figures who would dominate Dutch music for the next few decades and with whom Andriessen would write Reconstructie.

Stripped of the usual vibrato and frills, the string section sometimes seems painfully straining at the bow, gnawing at the senses, with a thin, high-pitched whine. Louis was always improvising on the piano.

Louis Andriessen – Hout

De Staat for 4 female voices and 27 instruments. Rosa’s horses – suite. By now, he was lojis well-known in musical circles and in he conducted his work Ittrospezione III at the Concertgebouw. His early works were strictly serialist in the manner of Boulez or Stockhausen, then in the s he made a somersault from modernism to post-modernism, adopting a style that was much closer to the minimalism of Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Terry Reilly. His acknowledged admiration for Stravinsky is illustrated by a parallel vigour, clarity of expression, and acute ear for colour.

So I keep an open mind.

His fraught relationship with the classical establishment boiled over in November when, with fellow travellers, he took part in a demonstration at a Concertgebouw Orchestra concert in Amsterdam.


He is now widely regarded as the leading composer working in the Netherlands today and is a central figure in the international new music scene.

One side effect of Juriaan’s early zndriessen was that he returned from trips to the United States with his suitcase crammed with jazz and blues records, all devoured by Louis, who was 14 years younger. Since he has combined teaching with his work as a composer and pianist. I think this has now become part of the Dutch way of performing. As well as a rigorous regime of travelling to oversee his premieres, he has recently completed a new major large-scale work, La Passione, which will be premiered at the RFH festival.

Workers Union Proms Composer. For the premiere inAndriessen extracted just one of Greenaway’s gothic murder mysteries, that of the fictional Juan Manuel de Rosa, who supposedly wrote sound-tracks for South American spaghetti westerns. All of Andriessen’s work in this period was leading towards his most ambitious work: Your experiences are always surprising: His musical ideas are equally stubborn and dearly held.

You did different things with it, but the material, the matter – and this is when the word first hit me – was the same. However, the best Andriessen pieces are a highly personal, aggressive combination of all his influences: It may not have been reviewed by professional editors and is licensed under an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License.