And apparently, LinPlug has built a lot of extras into Spectral, including the ability to edit the waveforms and filter shapes that make up the core. LinPlug instruments and expansion packs will remain on sale for the Spectral subtractive synthesizer with mod matrix (additional libraries for. Spectral by LinPlug (@KVRAudio Product Listing): Spectral is the result of more than 14 years of synthesizer building experience. Someone being familiar with.

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Spectral is a very powerful synthesizer reasonably priced, too!

This is a collection full of motion so if you like your sounds to be alive with movement, this is the set for you! But if the idea of hand-designing unique textures right down to the raw oscillator level appeals, sppectral its friendly interface, easy learning curve spectrl superb, characterful sound, Spectral could well be the synth for you.

These are adventurous journeys into wild soundscapes but remain highly usable in a musical context – expect the unexpected! It uses not one synthesizing technology, but a very carefully balanced mixture of various techniques to obtain the most realistic sax sound you can get from a virtual instrument.

I want a machine to help me change my mind.

LinPlug Virtual Instruments

You may also spechral interested in: Also, with no centralised mixer or global filter, balancing oscillators and shaping the overall output is more hassle than it needs to be.

If you know that the most ear-catching sounds come from morphing, not blending, then MorphoX is the instrument for you.

We also offer a number of more specific sound libraries for Spectral. Book Reviews — Pioneers of Linpluy Music: Samples are only food for CRX4’s versatile and unique engines, featuring 3 kinds of specialized sample processing generators and all the filters and modulations you expect from a fully fledged synthesizer.

LinPlug has always had powerful arpeggiators in their earlier synths, but this puts all the good features together in a way that makes something that is more like lin;lug powerful interactive composing environment than a simple arpeggiator.


You can never have too many Bass, Synth and Lead sounds, so Daniel Stawczyk, one of our favourite sound designers, has crafted another quality presets, each one carefully adjusted until we were delighted with every detail. Authenticity, Expression and Variation are all required in order to obtain believable sax sounds.

There are 57 preset filter shapes available, and again, these are fully editable in a graphical display that lets you shape a curve across filter bands. As well spechral the waveform Mix knob, each of Spectral’s oscillators also allows adjustment of Detune, Stereo spread, Symmetry, Phase and up to six-voice unison. The result of our 15 years of synth-building experience. Each oscillator hosts two waveforms, morphed into each other using the Mix control in order to create a final waveshape.

Hive by U-he Essentials: Each oscillator has two waveforms, which can be morphed between. LinPlug is also all the helping sppectral who are somewhat part of LinPlug and our Instruments in alphabetic order: The Behind The Sun soundbank brings you another amazing sounds created by Jaan, utterly unique sounds that are quite unlike those by anyone else.

The Transformer soundbank contains “transforming” sounds which change in linpplug with the use of various MIDI controllers. The filter drawing also is done on a large editor window with again, many options for changing filter shapes.

Image 1 of 3 You can assign up to 15 modulations from a choice of 35 sources and over destinations. Why not test SaxLab for yourself?

Linplug Spectral, Soundbytes review

Other points of note are that there’s no noise generator although the manual shows how to fake oneand that external audio resynthesis isn’t a feature. Each timbre can be made up of oscillators, each of which can have its own custom-drawn waveform, and each of which can have its own custom drawn filter. I really do strongly recommend that, as I did, you go through the manual slowly and carefully — there are too many neat features that could be overlooked otherwise, each of which provides more resources and compositional ideas.

Two of the most extraordinary sound designers we have had the pleasure, and privilege, of working with. LinPlug has been creating innovative software instrument plugins for more than 15 years. Image 2 of 3 Spectral’s band filter editing is just one facet of its absolutely massive tweakability. When editing shapes in the Spectral display, there’s a brief delay as the waveform or shape of the oscillator or filter is analysed and applied.


The above are learning-curve things, of course. Spectral is a semi-modular softsynth that combines elements of both additive and subtractive synthesis, but in a really unique way. The overarching flavour is very crisp and upfront – bouncy bass sounds, bell-like pads and keys, and even a serviceable set of synthetic drums. Easily create something completely fresh and new from your existing Samples with a number of unique sample manipulations and modulation options.

Review – Linplug’s Spectral

Harmony for Computer Musicians Book Review: Many people investigate a new synthesizer to find out what premade sounds it has. And your voices can have a variety of stereo spreads, which can also be controlled from an envelope or LFO. Given that one can set up multiple feedback patterns with the oscillators and the filters, the possibilities implied here are truly immense.

Well, it’s not an iZotope Iris-style spectral synth but instead one built on an additive architecture, fronted by a subtractive interface, making it easy to use but capable of potentially more interesting sounds than a virtual analogue.

Spectral comes with a library of over presets divided up into a broad set of categories. REmatrix by Overloud Review: This really pushes the sound designer towards highly animated textures rather than punchy, “static” sounds – although Spectral can do those too.


I fared better on a Dell Optimax with an i5 processor. Not ideal for “standard” sounds. Visit us at kiva or click the kiva logo to learn about kiva. There are also many preset filter and waveform shapes and the user can save their own as well.

There are 14 effects in the machine which, like the oscillators and filters, are capable of a wide range of parallel and serial patching.