March 20, The Cascadia Wolves series books have gotten a titled: ENFORCER, TRI MATES, WOLF UNBOUND and STANDOFF) — all. For every wolf, there’s a mate out there. So Tracy Warden is thrilled when she discovers Nick Lawrence, the sexy Enforcer for another Pack, is her mate. The complete series list for – Cascadia Wolves Lauren Dane. Series reading Tri Mates / Wolves’ Triad. Paranormal Reluctant / Reluctant Mate: A Novella.

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Then you can also sign up for her regular newsletter. Perfect heroine to match up against those two alpha wolves. The way he handled the tri-bond was perfection and just in general the man was made to lead.

I have been trying to locate this book in an e-book format and can’t find it any where. The ending was so abrupt I went back twice to make sure I really was at the end. Sign up for Lauren’s book alerts below and get notified when she has a new one out.


Decisions must be made, sacrifices occur, and lives are uprooted. You’ll have to read the book to find out. Mattes I re read Pack Enforcer and again my opinion hadn’t changed about the book nor my rating of it. Gabe, now he I really liked but he wasn’t given enough page time. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Each book in her Cascadia Wolves series just got better and better, convincing me to go deeper and deeper.


I would have loved if they had dual narration of this series. But she is in need of a anchor, and the mediator who has yet to find his own mate volunteers himself. I am just on the fence with the maates right now. Feb 21, Rubz added it Shelves: Living in the rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest, she spends her late evenings writing like a fiend when she finally wrestles all of her kids to bed. What type of shitty ending is that? For every wolf, there’s a mate out there. Open Preview See a Problem?

Tracy finds herself with not one, but two mates. I can dream lol.

For example Nina is mate to Lex, and her maets and pack alpha Cade and is able to be a calming influence of both male wolves.

Our heroine discovers while on a mission with a mediator that she has a mate. Wolves Triad Is the second book in the series. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

There’s been some fighting between the Cascadia Pack and the Pacific Pack along the borders of their territory, and a mediator has been called in to sort things out in an amicable and mutually agreed way. I like the fact that Tracy is so badass and doesn’t take crap off of anyone. Sep 30, Rinny Rainwind rated it it was amazing. I have read and reviewed this book before but review is missing.

There’s the wolf silhouette at the bottom left corner. But still an enjoyable read.

I enjoyed this one though I do have some issues that didn’t sit well for me. Lex and Nina laugh, with Nina telling Tracy when she meets “the one”, her very own cqscadia, she will not want to be separated from them and will understand.


Cascadia Wolves Series

Its not until a intense altercation with Nicks family, that Tracy’s grandmother sees what is going on with the three wolves. The fact Nina and Tracy are so close is an amazing thing too, though Tracy had been there for Nina when she most needed it. Is that what occurs in this book? On the drive to the hotel that the mediation will take place there’s banter between Tracy, Lex and Nina.

I have read the next book so I know these are still unawnsered. This one felt more like just a vehicle for menage scenes of which there are many even while her parents are just inside the house while they are having sex on the porch.

Whilst there are such scenes in the book there is a strong plot and some brilliant characters old and new. Tracy is a real tough cookie to look at, with tattoos and piercings and she can certainly hold her own in a fight.

When the small skirmishes are sorted out it leaves two things to be dealt with. I really would have liked to see what they where capable off. I loved getting reacquainted with the characters I remember so fondly from before.