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Lajja- Tasleema Nasrin

It is a minor thing but it keeps occurring again and again. She also submits to the demands made upon her by the communal atmosphere in Bangladesh as she quietly accepts a new identity with an assumed Muslim name San. Pada awalnya perbedaan ini tidak menjadi masalah karena mereka sama-sama berjuang untuk kemerdekaan. When the story starts, it is the winter of and the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya, a place in Northern Nasrln, has been demolished in India by fanatic Hindus, with no connection to the Hindus of Bangladesh.

Orang-orang Hindu lajaj sana mengalami penyiksaan dari saudara sebangsa mereka yang muslim.

Lajja = Shame / Taslima Nasrin ; translated from the Bengali by Tutul Gupta – Details – Trove

He still believes that the country one day will accept as he is, as a Hindu living without fear in his homeland. Namun kalau lebih diresapi, buku ini sebenarnya tidak menghina Islam.

At times you will feel sheer hatred towards snglish crime committed against a specific sect, and at times you feel pity towards nasriin who take religion above everything else in this world. Thus, it is not easy to protest in a country like Bangladesh simply because it may provoke the ire of the mullahs representing a closed, patriarchal mindset. Sudhamoy believes that Bangladesh is his country, where he lived his whole life and will die also in it’s arm.


This article needs additional citations for verification. The only thing that Suronjon can burn in his country is his books, that contributed towards his idealism, an idealism that is now shattered and in ruins.

Tapi bila dicermati hal ini sebenarnya ditujukan buat pemeluk agama apapun yang fanatik berlebihan sehingga menghalalkan segala cara bahkan melanggar ajaran agamanya sendiri. Sebagai yang beragama Islam, membaca data-data di novel ini cukup eenglish merinding, Tak heran, novel ini membuat penulis nya terusir dari negara nya sendiri.

Marking the twentieth anniversary of the controversial novel Lajjaa fresh English translation of the Bengali work by feminist author Taslima Nasreenn has now been published.

Jangan langsung menarik diri, karena Islam di buku ini memang sangat kejam. There are fictional characters but is based on facts. Her desire to move to India to her relatives at the perilous hour on account of the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition remained unattended.

Lajja (English) (Paperback)

The expression is of dread, and one dare say, of hope. Dan terjadilah migrasi besar-besaran umat hindu ke negara yang mayoritas hindu seperti India dan Sri Langka. laja

Two books with two authors. Ditulis berdasarkan kisah nyata. Your heart goes out to him. Also you can guess how the nasron is going to shape up.


Lajja – Wikipedia

The factual data presented throughout the book may dwindle the reader’s interest, however, this is justified by the motif to bring into light the intensity of the massacre which was condoned so says the book by the bangladesh government despite it claiming to have a secular constitution.

Retrieved from ” https: The enflish sometimes reads like fictionalized non-fiction with arguments and information being the key subject of book and story only getting the second lajja. Related Topics Authors National Books books and literature. Fnglish had been looking forward to reading author Taslima Nasrin ‘s Lajja since a very long time, and once I read it, I realised why it is banned in Bangladesh, but appreciated all over the world.

Overall a informative and painful read. The society depicted in Lajjais deeply patriarchal.

The story itself was pretty ordinary with lame dialogue and a lot of repetition. The plight of a Hindu family is presented against the backdrop of Islamic fundamentalism with occasional references to real instances of communal violence in Bangladesh. Mar 05, Deepa Ranganathan rated it it was ok. Frankly, I was bored stiff by this book.

Buku yang membangkitkan mixed feeling bagi saya.