Title or reference: Kriminaliteti i organizuar. Translated title or reference: This book is available in hard copy at the library KJI. Keywords: Krimi I. Krimi i organizuar si faktor me ndikim në proceset politike – Rasti i veriut të Kosovës . Qollakaj, Fatmir (Kolegji AAB, ). Siguria është kategori kushtetuese. Krimi i organizuar transnacional: sistem dhune dhe pushteti. Front Cover. Zamir Poda. Shtëpia Botuese “Moravia”, – Organized crime – pages.

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None of them mentioned that the law meant killing as many Albanians as possible and creating as large an ethnically cleansed space as possible. Governments are increasingly behind online attacks. Right now, oragnizuar online criminals are encouraged by potentially large profits and the relatively limited risk of getting caught and punished.

And online security issues are not limited to criminals.

User Username Password Remember me. They have been the only ones showing humanity even though they had been having a hard time. Rruga drejt integrimit dhjetor MayThis witness, the former Suva Reka municipal mayor, is a very cunning and skilful liar. This circumstance, and especially the fact that these offences are rather frequent ogranizuar Kosovo, made me enter the research of this type of criminality.

The aim was the creation of a purged territory with certain names and a language banished. Post a Comment Login required. In Kosovo, money counterfeiting is not widely studied.


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ApproximatelyAlbanians were driven out of Kosovo in No one responded to this word, not even the judges. This confirms the fact that Serb organuzuar in Kosovo has not been at war with armed members of the KLA, but that it was waging war against civilians.

JanuaryWitness A said that the police had orders to fire at the members of the KLA but he also added, that not one gun had been fired. Certainly, any future war between technically developed nations is likely to incorporate computer attacks.

State officials or employees of the state ogranizuar lie, not only in their own interests, but also in the interest of the state they want to protect. Shtegtimi im, vendi im. Their special task has been the ethnic cleansing of the Kosovar Albanian population.

But most importantly, we’ll see that many of the future real-world crisis will have a cyber element in them as well.

Krimi kompjuterik

We should hope that the net will remain for future generations to enjoy. He was decorated with a medal of the Yugoslav flag with a star due to his war merits. I start asking myself, what does it mean to be obedient in the police? We are talking with the families, exchanging information, drinking coffee, and laughing.

Nobody could tell them a thing. We are sending the wrong message to online criminals.


All the corpses were civilians; no one was wearing a uniform. What’s going to happen in ? Kosovo Police, PrishtinaData on the situation of criminality and money counterfeit for the period This further proves that the crime was organized by the state, that the state carried it out; it is also evident that there was intention.

Moreover, krimmi is certain that he will never be held responsible for his dishonesty. Shireta, Vjolca, kriml Gramos Berisha were the only survivors.

FebruaryAll the following witnesses tried very hard to conceal the facts. Botimet e kaluara Numrat e fundit.

Kriminaliteti i organizuar – E-Library of the Kosovo Judicial Institute

Our generation was the first generation that got online. From the research of this type of crime, I have concluded that these criminal offences are a serious type of crime, which may result in major individual, family and social consequences.

The repudiation of well-known facts, the concealment of commanding responsibility, and the denial of any kind of responsibility whatsoever has continued. Email the author Login required. It’s hard to forecast where they will take us. They were called Cegrovi.