Kevin Poulsen’s KINGPIN (Crown Trade; February 22, ) is both a At its core, KINGPIN is the story of the clash between two sides of one. Kevin Poulsen. · Rating details · 6, ratings · reviews. The true story of Max Butler, the master hacker who ran a billion dollar cyber crime network. KINGPIN HOW ONE HACKER TOOK OVER THE BILLION-DOLLAR CYBERCRIME UNDERGROUND KEVIN POULSEN Senior Editor, KINGPIN.

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At least that’s how it byy to me. One of the in-world wizards got Max’s Internet IP address from the server — a unique identifier poklsen was easily traced to Boise State University.

And then the rest of it–the way that what we do on the Internet can become divorced from our real lives, and how our personalities can bend and morph and even detach completely from our real-world personas as they stretch and distort to suit digital environs–is also not shocking. The company liked Max and didn’t really care if he produced a report, but the hacker took the gig seriously.

PROLOGUE The taxi idled in poulzen of a convenience store in downtown San Francisco while Max Vision paid the driver and unfolded his six- foot- five frame from the back of the car, his thick brown hair pulled into a sleek ponytail. Francis Hotel, and they caught up. Each machine now had a back door that Max could use any time he wanted. I’m not an Internet security expert by any means, but I am familiar with how shockingly irresponsible most companies are when it comes to IT security, and so the news that hackers could easily use know-exploits to seize control of computers around the world is not remotely surprising.

The orange boy-cat was Mournblade; the gray female was Stormbringer. I guess, in the end, it was mostly just a story that I already knew too well to find really revelatory. Often the suspected fed would just give up and good-naturedly whip out a badge, giving the hacker an easy win. After a lifetime of crime and uncertainty, the charms of a normal, middle- class existence had an exotic and satisfying appeal.


A terrifying story kinvpin the underworld, full of technical details, computer history and drama. If virtually all of the potential targets evaded the attack, no matter — the net was cast so wide, a few would get taken in. Chris dropped his shotgun and surrendered. It boiled down to that single line. I hear ya, I hear ya,” said Patterson.

How awesome is that?

Book Review: KINGPIN by Kevin Poulsen

Then Chad asked Amy for her phone number. In a single sleepless night, Max more than doubled the count, whipping up signatures.

Max had just moved back to his mother’s home in Meridian, a ranchstyle house on a quiet street a block from his old high school. On a summer day inNorminton picked up the phone and called a vice president at B, adopting the persona of an investment manager at Highland Federal Bank, a real bank in Santa Monica, California. It was a questionable charge: Max’s path was eased by another student, David, who’d already worried his way into a bunch of the faculty accounts. Max stammered out kebin apology — it was the burning lawn all over again.

At first Max was thrilled that his girlfriend shared his passion for the online world. This audiobook mingpin be listened to on: Now there were nearly nineteen thousand websites, including one for the White House.

His bu stepped out back and caught Seth in the act of burying the evidence. Despite the ruling, Max’s own appeal was denied on procedural grounds: Max invited Kimi to a party at his place. Norminton introduced Chris to Max over the muted clatter of coffee cups and dishes.

The story is full of tense moment and discoveries kevib the characters keep changing sides and are always one after the other. Poulsen also describes how the advent of distributed denial of service DDoS attacks originated in the hacking community as a way for black-hat hackers to mess with each other. Kinypin all agreed that Max must not know.

The author was involved in the computer underground previously, and recently involved himself in the computer deception that eventually caused Bradley Manning to be arrested for involvement with Wikileaks, so he’s got the right background — I just wish the book itself had a little more focus. But Bugtraq didn’t kevln, and it was common for a bug finder to drop a previously unknown exploit onto the list, releasing it simultaneously to thousands of security researchers and hackers in the span of minutes.


And he was destined to hold a lot more master keys. It is a quick and interesting read.

Book Review: KINGPIN by Kevin Poulsen | Masters of Media

I occasionally read some of his articles on Wired. He liked helping people. Tim Spencer and most of the Hungry Programmers went up to Washington to see their problem child married off.

An investigator at the bank got suspicious and backtracked the incoming wire transfers to the real Entrust. I can relate to some of the obsessive traits that seem to have driven Max. But the impulsiveness and mischievousness that spawned it ran deep kinvpin Max’s personality. One of the resident Hungries got him a job as a system administrator at MPath Interactive, a computer gaming start-up in Silicon Valley that was flush with venture capital.

The newer versions of cy This book explores part kevim the world of modern cybercriminals. Screw Business As Usual. In the end I was left wondering – obviously there were quite a few security holes out there in the emerging computer world and just as obviously there were quite a few people looking for, finding and exploiting these holes.

Kingpin (book) – Wikipedia

He offered some life advice. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. After his arrest in Seattle, he was earning more in prison doing janitorial and kitchen work at eleven cents an hour iingpin his fiancee was drawing on public assistance back home. View all 3 comments. Because of that, Kingpin is cyber-security-canon worthy, and you should have read this by now.

A master key to the high school is a very special talisman that must be wielded with great care — not squandered on foolishness. He passed close enough for Amy to feel kevon wind from the van as it tore off.

Together with a smooth-talking con artist, he ran a massive real-world crime ring.