Kate Mosse’s first venture into commercial fiction, Labyrinth, is set to be this summer’s doorstep beach-read, says Geraldine Bedell. Kate Mosse is an author and broadcaster. She is the presenter of BBC4’s Readers and Writers Roadshowand guest presents Saturday Review for Radio 4. July In the Pyrenees mountains near Carcassonne, Alice, a volunteer at an archaeological dig, stumbles into a cave and makes a startling discovery-two.

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There are grammatical errors and anachronisms that I found really irritating for example, references in to ‘Saint Francis’ when h This book isn’t very good.

The writing was diabolical, the plot completely over-blown and all over the place, and the characters were pitifully one-dimensional. Enthralling characters and locations so fine I could place the scenes in my memory from years back.

What the success of The Da Vinci Code shows is that the reading public has labyrinnth appetite for such stories mixing history, myth and mystery, which can only be good for authors and good for reading. Trivia About Labyrinth Langue The second story in the present, with a young archeologist as the protagonist who’s about to discover her past guards many more surprises than she could have ever imagined.

It also gave birth to the Inquisition, which most of us think started in Spain. In the 13th century, Catholic churchmen and French nobles led an invasion of the Pays d’Oc and a bloody suppression of the Cathars, whom they regarded as heretics.


A ripping historical yarn for the girls

There are grammatical errors and anachronisms that I found really irritating for example, references in to ‘Saint Francis’ when he was in fact not sainted until and some incredibly clunky prose.


The Cathars were a sect of Christians who flourished in southwest France and Italy in particular, from the end of the 11th century to the middle of the 13th century.

The title, the cover, the blurb, the size, even the genre historical fiction did not excite me so I delayed, procastinated, snuck other books in ahead of it. Have you ever felt, like Alice, such an affinity with a place that you seem to know who must have previously lived there and the emotions they enjoyed or endured? I am struggling to figure out why it always gets such fabulous reviews. One in A surprising mix of historical fiction, fantasy and ghost story all very well rolled into one intriguing novel.

Labyrinth (novel) – Wikipedia

The book contains the secrets to the Holy Grail. I have to reluctantly admit that I bought this book at a thrift store mainly because of the title and cover page. Most of the characters are lxbyrinth, although I do think it gets quite confusing keeping track of all of them, and a few could have been dropped or at least had their plot lines great reduced such as Noubel, the policeman.

Feb 26, Tiffany rated it it was ok. I didn’t read The Da Vinci Code, but given that it was impossible kxte avoid or ignore, I understand both books tackle some similar themes.

Why did the father hate Guilhem du Mas? Feb 06, Pages. Having books chosen for you by others – think book club books – can be a hit and miss affair but in this case Labyrinth by Kate Mosse no, not that Kate Moss was definitely a hit.

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse – Reading Guide – : Books

None of this would matter, of course, if it were a struggle to get through the novel’s odd pages. Lxbyrinth characters are poorly developed, largely one-dimen This pulled at me and repulsed me simultaneously.


It also had the merit of sending me to sleep on a number of occasions. To my disappointment, I turned out not to be a natural swordswoman ….

I don’t know if a book msose jump the shark, but just after what I’ll spoiler-freeingly call The Mirror Scene, a dying character spends what is the reading time equivalent of fifteen minutes explaining his life story.

My two inner voices have clashed over this story and so I’ve given this book a middling 3 out of 5. Refresh and labyringh again. I am capable of working that out for myself is so bad you want to throw the book across the floor but sadly the plot is so gripping that you have to read it until the very end.

Rather than a traditional action hero, I wanted the women to get to do the swashbuckling for once. Also in the prologue, there are glimpses of the two time periods.

The characters in both timelines are portrayed without the slightest attempt at subtlety. Mosse has done a lot of intricate research into this time and really conjures up the atmosphere of medieval France as well as many who have gone before her.

View all 5 comments. How did you research the different aspects of the book—the archaeology, the history of the Cathars and the Crusade against them, labyritnh Grail legends, and so forth?