A summary of revised Jyhad rules circa , plus a lexicon of game and setting terms. Ironically enough, this chapter is titled “Appendix One: Corrected Rules”. Vampire Sects Rules Glossary World of Darkness Glossary Notes on These Rules sometimes open and spectacular, are collectively known as the Jyhad. The VEKN continues its course of cleaning up and clarifying existing VTES rules. The latest result are the new Rules Team Rulings of July 18th The RTR.

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If there is an uncanceled press to continue, then another round of combat begins. An ancient vampire, a grand-childe of Caine.

Pair O’ Dice Games

The advancement card applies in full. As a convenience, when a card describes an action that is typically directed at another Methuselah, the card’s text will usually include a D symbol as a reminder that the action is typically directed. Posted on October 29th, This effect ends combat immediately.

You start your turn with your unlock phase. The successful attempt of a minion to prevent the action of another minion. He still unlocks at the start of the unlock phase as usual. A vampire in torpor can be the target of the following actions, which can be taken by any ready vampire:. You can normally play only one regular master card during your master phase.

As the game progresses, you will gain control of some of your minions, moving them to the ready region, face up see Influence Phase, sec. Once a Methuselah decides not to make any further attempts to block, that rule is final. For example, a vampire who doesn’t have enough blood to heal the damage inflicted on him or who sustains aggravated damage see Damage Resolution, sec.

VAMPIRE: The Eternal Struggle Complete Rules

The aggravated damage burns him, since he already is wounded and cannot burn a blood to prevent his destruction. Standard time limit for a tournament game is 2 hours. These eternal struggles, sometimes covert and subtle, sometimes open and spectacular, are collectively known as the Jyhad. This article focuses on tuning your crypt. A dodge protects even from the effects of a strike done with first strike. While the Gangrels can be paired with others, I like them as a lone pack focused on animalism and protean.


Mazz uses the maneuver from the gun to move to long range, where he cannot be harmed by Ira’s hand strike. If the action is blocked, then any card played to take the action is burned it is moved to the ash heap and the blocking minion is locked and enters combat with the acting minion see Combat, sec. A minion cannot play two maneuvers in a row which would effectively cancel each other.

The struggle for control of a unique card or title. The “leader” of the Sabbat, insofar as the sect recognizes one.

VAMPIRE: The Eternal Struggle Complete Rules

The act of killing a vampire by drinking all rulfs his blood. If one attempt to block fails, another can be rulfs as often as the blocking Methuselah wishes. Gules they have zero life, they are incapacitated like torpor instead of being burned see 5 below. Some effects may change the number of discard phase actions you receive or may give you alternate ways to use your discard phase actions.

A Kindred rebel who opposes the rule of the elders. Game time varies greatly depending on the number of players and the style of decks played. Combat ends is not affected by a dodge, since dodge only cancels effects that are directed at the dodging minion. Note that action modifiers and reaction cards can be played at any time in this process as appropriate, subject to the restrictions on adding stealth and intercept listed below and the restrictions against the same minion playing the same action modifier or reaction card more than once see Minion Cards, sec.

Some cards use this wording, for instance: Note that allies brought into play by other means are able to act on the same turn, by default. A vampire of one of the antitribu clans does tules qualify to play a card that requires the counterpart, and vice versa. Some vampires have vulnerability to a certain trait. After diablerie, a blood hunt may be called on the diablerist.


Who May Attempt to Block: Only one action card can be played for the action; action cards cannot be used to modify other actions. Can I play an action card that requires an Anarch and immediately afterwards rulfs Red Question to fulfill the requirements.

If you have ruls or more minions with mandatory actions, they may be done in the order you choose.

A Beginner’s Guide to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (Jyhad)

Is it better to have one capacity nine vampireor a decently skilled capacity six and a younger capacity three minion in play? She is the player you hope to oust from the game. There are many ways to win in V: A vampire in torpor can take no action except the “leave jyhwd action see below and cannot block or play reaction cards. For more rulez please visit white-wolf.

When that stack equals his blood capacity at the end of the influence phase, you reveal the vampire and place him in the ready region see Play Area, sec. A Title card is a placeholder for a title. If another unique card with the same name is brought into play, it is immediately contested and turned face down as well. By committing diablerie, the diablerist drains the victim of his blood and grows stronger and takes whatever equipment the victim had.

Any “burn ally” effect will still burn an imbued, however. This is repeated as necessary. This ensures that most players stay in the game longer, instead of the playing field being reduced quickly to those with the best cards and the greatest skill. During his controller’s unlock phase, she may burn a pool to unlock him.