Edible film yang mengandung bahan antimikroba dapat digunakan pada sediaan penyegar nafas untuk menghentikan pertumbuhan bakteri penyebab bau. Journal Homepage: Abstrak. Kayu secang dikenal oleh masyarakat Jawa Tengah sebagai bahan . Penyegar. Keefektifan biofungisida Trichoderma spp. dengan tiga jenis bahan pembawa terhadap jamur akar putih Rigidoporus Jurnal Penelitian Karet, 32(2), – .

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Phytophthora palmivora is a pathogenic fungus that causes pod rot and stem cancer in cacao plant. The study aimed to evaluate the effect One effort to overcome the problem is through rehabilitation.

Knowing the genetic diversity in the tea germplasms collection is one of important conditions for assembling new superior varieties.

Perspektif Review Penelitian Tanaman Industri. Mutu seduhan kopi Arabika, selain dipengaruhi oleh kultivar, juga dipengaruhi oleh ketinggian tempat tumbuh dan teknik pengolahan biji.

Jurnal Tanaman Industri dan Penyegar (JTIDP) – Neliti

Leaf rust disease caused by Hemileia vastatrix is considered as the most devastating disease in coffee plants due to it can kill the plants.

Effect of charcoal quantity on microbial biomass and activity in temperate soils. The research aimed to investigate the effective dose and application frequency of Trichoderma spp. Model saling keterkaitan antar ka Phytophthora palmivora merupakan patogen utama pada tanaman kakao di seluruh dunia.


Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems, 11, — Garut is one of producing areas of Arabica coffee that has a distinctive flavor and aroma, which could potentially be a specialty coffee. Daya simpan biofungisida yang mengandung Trichoderma virens dan T.

Journal of Industrial and Beverage Crops (JTIDP)

Robusta coffee Coffea canephora is a cross-pollinated plant, therefore vegetative propagation is necessary to ensure identical traits with parents, such as tissue culture techniques through somatic Keragaman genetik berdasarkan penanda DNA dapat memberikan hasil yang leb Kebutuhan pupuk tanaman karet belum menghasilkan TBM dipengaruhi oleh banyak faktor, di antaranya adalah jenis tanah, jenis klon, umur tanaman, dan teknis budi daya.

Flavor quality mostly determi Sejak pemerintah Penyegad menerapkan kebijakan pajak ekspor kakao biji dalam rangka untuk mengembangkan industri pengolahan kakao, ada Perubahan dalam komposisi ekspor kak Impact of organic and inorganic fertilizers on microbial populations and biomass carbon in paddy field soil.

Influence of soil chemical and penyegad properties on occurrence of Trichoderma spp.

International Journal of Microbiology and Immunology Research, 3 446— The study aimed to evaluate the effect of basal medium in the primary callus induction medium and explant type The research aimed to determine the potential of L. Nutrient Cycling in Jurnl, 59 147— Applied Soil Ecology, 98 November— Volume and type of growing media is important to support the growth of rubber seedling Hevea Brasiliensis for rootstocks.


Zinc deficiency Zn in tea [Camellia sinensis L.

Science and Technology, January85— About The Authors Widi Amaria https: The objective of this research was to determine the resista The clones are distributed at different altitudes, i. Ameliorating physical and chemical properties of highly weathered soils in the tropics with charcoal – A review.

One of the factors that determine the grafting success in cacao is the compatibility level between the scion and rootstock. Cultivation of cocoa in Indonesia is dominated by small farmers who have not been well organized, so they usually marginalized jufnal the cocoa agribusiness systems. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the tolerance levels of 35 cocoa genotypes to dry periods.

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