Erik said: The audiobook is the only way to truly enjoy Areas of My Expertise. While I was reading John Hodgman’s almanac of made-up trivia, I kept on. In the great tradition of the American almanac, The Areas of My Expertise is a John Hodgman brings his considerable expertise to bear in answering all of the. THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE. By John Hodgman. Illustrated. pp. E. P. Dutton. $ I am going to go out on a limb here and say that.

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Hodgman claims that “Truth may be stranger than fiction, goes the old saw, but it is never as strange as lies.

It appears he was so humorous that he needed to take his humor to an audience who would appreciate him. You’ve got to be in a mood for something well-written but completely silly. However, I have to say areaas I can’t bring myself to read more than a few pages of “”The Areas of My Expertise”” the book. Who knows, I may pick this book up again in a few months and fall in love with it, but right now it just seems like a waste of time, and i can’t bring myself to read much of it.

Of the many books of world knowledge I have read, The Areas of My Expertise was by far the most daring, truthful and also the only book of world knowledge that I have read. NPR commentator John Hodgman has, and he’s written the funniest, silliest and possibly smartest reference book ever penned.

I have not seen all the experyise charts and tables created throughout human history, but I’m sure I’ve seen the best.

The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman | : Books

Hodgman reads his book exactly as it needs to be read, dry and deadpan, with the subtlest pedantic emphasis here and there when the need arises. He does well when twisting an old theme; a hotel tipping chart starts off with advice on concierge and bellboy gratuities, and then goes onto magicians, lullabyists, and the differences between regular and ‘feral’ turn-down service the latter involves leaves and twigs in place of bedding.


A few days later, the first of the hoboes “Stewbuilder Dennis” was posted to Flickr by Daniel Cardenas and a Flickr group Hoboes was subsequently formed. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’m interested in how it turns out, what with it having no actual beginning, middle or end. Maybe I’ll skim the hard copy some other time, but even though he put a lot of work into the production and performance of the audio version, I never really enjoyed it.

Zoo animals attack zookeepers. Penguin- Humor – pages. I have heard that some believe this book to be a hoax, or s Of the many books of world knowledge I have read, The Areas of My Expertise was by far the most daring, truthful and also the only book of world knowledge that I have read. But at the very least, you have to admit a curiosity about which presidents secretly had hooks for hands, and the lycanthropic transformation tables always come in handy.

But I think we both knew it was inevitable. Hodgman suggests this in the audio, but I did this completely by accident. The astronaut, the planner, the engineer, the cocktail waitress and the librarian were all suspects.

Nor does saying that FDR put the polio virus into aras water in order to stop the hobo army. Everything turns out to be a dream. Watch a QuickTime trailer for this book.

The Areas of My Expertise

The repeated references to warewolves and hoboes seem less like Hodgman has a theme and more like he’s runn I love John Hodgman on The Daily Show. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Man seeks control of his own cybernetic brain. But most American humour, in written form?


What I did find amusing, however, was expergise “voice” of the book, as Hodgman chose to be hodgan ultimate voice of authority, but for some parallel world in which only he lives.

Although bestsellers such as Poor Richard’s Almanack and The Book of Lists were certainly valuable, they also were largely true. The repeated references to warewolves and hoboes seem less like Hodgman has a theme and more like he’s running out of material.

The list of hobos was probably the best “bit” in the book, and it suffered from what I term Saturday Night Live Syndrome 1: This book is so amusing you may not be able to read it in mg sitting; less you disable yourself from being doubled-over with laughter. Sep 05, Pages Buy.

The Areas of My Expertise (Literature) – TV Tropes

The internet browser game The Kingdom of Loathing features a playable game area named Hobopolis, which was directly inspired by Hodgman’s work. Conscience prevents acceptance of Human Resources. And if you homeschool them, they will stay this way forever. Hofgman projected lifestyle was both outlandish and cartoonish in a delightful way that satirized the obnoxiously academic and rich members of our society.

Structured like an almanac that has nothing but contempt for almanacs, The Areas of my Expertise is a treat for anyone who has spent too much time in the reference section of their local library. The Areas of My Expertise: The names were completed on September 5,coinciding with the release date of Areas of My Expertise to paperback, which contains an additional hobo names.

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