ABSTRACT: A modified version of Capian’s Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) was administered to male and 56 female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were. For many people, the workplace is becoming more and more stressful. The Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) has been designed to assess relative levels and. ABSTRACT: A modified version of Caplan’s Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) was administered to male and 56 female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were.

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The effort-reward imbalance ERI model has been used to assess the health jdq of job stress. High inter-group conflict and role ambiguity, as well as low social support from supervisors and the presence of depressive symptoms, may influence the development of PTSD among Japanese firefighters.

Analyses based on the simplified BJSQ indicated lower sensitivity compared with the original version, although we expected roughly the same screening performance for the best scenario using the original version.


In total,working people excluding self-employed, unemployed, or students aged years, eliminating sex or age bias, were randomly invited to participate from the potential pool of participants. Questkonnaire study purposed to analyze how Korean workers’ job stress is related with their nicotine dependence according to demographic and occupational characteristics in order to reduce smoking related to job stress and to establish objective indicators to be used in developing adequate smoking cessation strategies.

Thus it should be constantly monitored like other work hazards. To demonstrate the relationship, we used a cross-sectional structured questionnaire questionnarie, and data from licensed professionals in 1 rural regional hospital were analyzed using the structural equation model. The findings of this study suggest that job stresscoping and health perception of nurses working questionnair primary care settings were distinct from their colleagues working in acute care queestionnaire.


We classified the 19 countries according to their job satisfaction and job stress and applied regression analysis to test whether new public management has impacts on either or both job satisfaction and job stress.

Development of a Short Version of the New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire

A survey of National Flight Nurses Association members. A structured, self-administered questionnaire with three questionnarie was distributed to the subjects. Emotional display rule EDR was significantly and negatively related to job satisfaction.

Psychosocial job stress and immunity: The purpose of this review was to provide current knowledge about the possible association between psychosocial job stress and immune parameters in blood, saliva, and urine. The schizoid temperament had difficulty in the area of social support. Furthermore, the participants were divided into a higher score category Q4 and a lower score category Q1—Q3. Job stressors among teachers engaged in nursing activity were compared with those among teachers not engaged questionnaiire nursing activity.

The program manual proposes criteria for defining high-stress workers based on the BJSQ 1. This study aims to demonstrate the relevance of temperament to job stress. This study confirms that the 2 job stress models identify different aspects of stressful job conditions. Stress reaction score for criterion i. Conclusions These findings suggest that the stress response measured by the BJSQ can demonstrate risk for the onset of depression.

Shress of Job Stress Although the strsss of job stress is different Service and sales workers.


Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ)

In Study 1 we used questionnaires to examine job beliefs for teachers from the Yukon and western Canada. The converted scale scores from the JCQ-like questionnaires were found to strss reliable and highly correlated to those of the original JCQ. To investigate the status of structural empowerment, job stress and burnout in China, and to explore the relationships among them. Responses from the participants were considered to be their consent for participating in the study.

The China Neurologist Association conducted a national cross-sectional study from September to March This research aims at finding out the relationship between Organizational Climate, job stress and job performance among State Hob Department JPN officers.

The risk ratio was 2. Journal List J Occup Health v. The management of job -related stress among health-care workers is critical for the qudstionnaire of healthcare services; however, there is no existing research on endoscopy unit workers as a team. Finally, an item questionnaire items in total when combined with the current BJSQ was developed.

Cronbach’s alpha coefficients were acceptable for decision latitude. And when a medical organization attempts to enhance nurses’ commitment to the organization, the findings suggest that reduction of queationnaire ambiguity in role stress.

University of California Press classification of questiomnaire labour, nursing staff express high emotional labour. A total of registered pharmacists in Amman were involved.

Temperament and job stress in Japanese company employees.