A guide to setting up the Linksys/Sipura SPA and SPA as an FXO Gateway simplified installation and configuration instruction by JMG Technology. Sipura SPA Simplified Users Guide Version b A Step by Step Introduction Written by Jason from JMG Technology Section 1 Getting Started When you. PSTN-VoIP gateway. SPA information Software And this http://www. Or, go to this line.

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Connect VP More information. Initial version Rev 1. This will copy the config from your SPA to the config backup.

Sipura SPA-3000 Simplified Users Guide Version 1.1b

Technical parameters – Dimensions x x 60 mm – Weight g – Operating position various – Operating condition temperature: If you have a locked Engin box, you will have to use the Configuration Menu approach to setting the IP address.

This should prevent the “fallback” from occurring when you simply lose connection to your VoIP provider. Put the exe file in a clean folder. It therefore allows the owner to access an extended number of VoIP features including:. Is it possible that somehow the spa is getting around the block? You should now review the notes below and continue with the SPA Configuration. IVR will announce the port that the web server is listening on.


There may, however, be issues if you want to use that line to dial in and make outgoing VoIP calls.

Sipura SPA Simplified Users Guide Version b – PDF

It features fashionable and sleek design, and abundant More information. If I remember correctly, I actually ran that way for a few months, until my changing VoIP account situation meant that I no longer needed the “extra account” I was previously accessing via the SPA cabled to the SPA’s “line” jack. Quick Start Guide v1.

I remember seeing a while ago the amount of traffic the big telcos did texhnology year with VOIP taking a small fraction of the pie. Got something to say? The other is often connected directly to an analogue handset or fax.

This plan demonstrates number barring. Here is the link to the SPA configuration pages. Click OK to finish. This is because the Output gain is set to the maximum In the run box, after iexplore.

Step through the Wizard selecting the options as shown in the following images. Its free for non commercial use. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning You will need to enter this setting as the static subnet mask shortly.

All of the calls before that and thereafter were routed correctly however.

Some lower quality handsets, and virtually any cordless phone can be the cause of your echo problems. Thomasine Hopkins 2 years ago Views: There are many things that can cause echo on your SPA When prompted, give it a name. Confirm the change when asked to do so.


The steps described below uses the second method mainly because it does not use any IP lines. Save the configuration and then do the echo test.

Using a SPA as an FXO Gateway to a Quadro 2x – The VoIP

Turn the power on Step 5: I am using 3. To upgrade the firmware see Appendix D.

To do this you will need to enter in a NTP server. Generally speaking, increasing these settings increases echo and volume, and decreasing the settings decreases echo and volume.

The setup guide provided here was orginally authored by Jason. However they are invaluable feature of technologu SPA so you should at least learn the basics of how they work. Umg mean that I don’t get the busy signal and the called number rings.

Make sure the phone is connected securely to your router or. And finally “GWx Password: Now save the page, then load it up in your web browser, when you hit Submit Changes, your saved configuration will be loaded back into your SPA