For all intents and purposes, Jerzy Kosinski was on the fast track for fame under fire with the publication of his third novel, The Painted Bird. “Of all the remarkable fiction that emerged from World War II, nothing stands higher than Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird. A magnificent work of art, and a. The Painted Bird Poster. A young Jewish boy somewhere in Eastern Europe Writers: Jerzy Kosinski (novel), Václav Marhoul (adaptation) | 1 more credit».

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Another blurb, this one on the back of my old paperback edition, where it is jarringly discordant with the grotesque wraparound cover illustration, compares Kosinski to Anne Frank. A harrowing story that follows the wanderings of a boy abandoned by his parents during Paonted War II, “The Painted Bird” is a dark masterpiece that examines the proximity of terror and savagery to innocence and love. If you were a Jew in Poland, you had an enemy on the other side of virtually every wall.

In this way The painted Bird resembles something like Justine by de Sade — no plot, no characters, just lots of gruesome vignettes strung together.

The Painted Bird

Elie Wiesel, to be fair, acknowledges as much in lainted New York Times review, quoted at length on the first page of my edition:. Poland has perhaps the worst record of all. These were the Communist Party members. Retrieved 9 September From the uncredited cover illustration of the Pocket Books edition. That being said, Kosinski also mentions that, amidst the overwhelming criticism from his native Poland, where it was banned, some of the book’s supporters were critical of his ‘watered down’ depiction of events, given that many occurrences that took place in Paainted during the war were much more dramatic and cruel than those described paintedd The Painted Bird.

Also, as an act of catharsis I dare say it provided benefits for him and you certainly can’t begrudge him that.

The reader too is helpless — a helpless witness to these uninterrupted scenes of brutality and to the demise of the impressionable boy’s innocence. I was slapped by a doctor once for crying. View all 15 comments. In that moment you realise he wasn’t warning pzinted Jews at all; he was mocking them. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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If he can build enough credit with God, he will be delivered from injustice. This phantasmagoria of bestiality, rape, murder, torture, more rape, incest, beating, this unceasing onslaught directed against this small boy?

The painted bird, in turn, would likely not understand why its feathery friends were trying to kill it. Nov 27, Ms. The young Jerzy even served as an altar boy in a local church. For the upcoming film adaptation, see The Painted Bird film. Weir died ppainted from brain cancer.

My breath would catch at a particularly moving passage like: A grieving widower moves to the country where a chance encounter rekindles memories from his past. Email required Address never made public. They certainly became fact for our anti-hero who himself came to believe the very same things. Without communal protection he becomes doomed to a life of excruciating slavery. It is surreal in tone, filled with graphic sexuality and violence.

It merely requires the will to act. Czech Republic Ukraine Slovakia. Not because one is shocked; rather that one is embarrassed on the author’s behalf by his obsessive fascination for depravity. He is fundamentally unfit for family life. The effect within the book of this continuity between worlds and beliefs works not only on the grand scale but also to the specific. In the end, this novel is a failure.

If their seed sprouted to life, if they felt welcomed, they offered all the help which might be needed, on thhe condition that it would be used for selfish purposes and only to the detriment of others. Published August 9th by Grove Press first published Return to Iosinski Page.

The Painted Bird – IMDb

He was just there walking minding his own busyness and BANG! We all know that’s where the real horror lies but Kosinski challenged this idea and revealed to us that in times of warfare, even the most modest of places such as rural villages can be sources of the most potent evil human beings are capable of.

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Does anyone really believe it’s just a quirky title related to the tradition of painting a bird’s feathers? I am not shocked easily by gory details but I have to admit that this book made me feel bad every time I try to insert some humor in my initial thoughts in Goodreads for the reading updates while reading. It’s a sad fact that the populations of Germany’s enemies often implemented Nazi policy much more comprehensively and enthusiastically than Nazi allies.

Waterflies hovered nervously on every side of me. Out Stealing Horses He is also from time to time subject to equivalent cruelty by the invading German Army, not because he is either a Gypsy or a Jew but because he is an orphan with no obvious productive contribution to military efficiency.

Exhilarated pzinted its freedom, the bird would rise to rejoin its flock. The novel follows a young city boy who is sent out to the countryside to stay away from the war.

What was so moving about this novel, however, was the main character of the boy who remains unnamed throughout, but whose iron will and resilient youth had made it possible for him to come out birs the other side alive, though fragmented and forever changed.

Polish Educational Foundation in North America. However, he was a Polish Jew and survived so must have had help thr Christian Poles. What do you think is the main lesson learned by the boy and the many iconic symbols such as the significance of the “comet”? Rather than correcting his audience, Mr Kosinski rode the wave of popularity and did nothing to change these misconceptions.

View all 9 comments. An Artist of the Floating World: