The Plains of Passage, Part 1 of 2 has ratings and 20 reviews. Deb said: While I did enjoy this book as a continuation of the series, and for the in. Jean M. Auel’s enthralling Earth’s Children® series has become a literary phenomenon, beloved by readers around the world. In a brilliant. Автор: Auel Jean, Книга: The Plains of Passage, Серия: Earth Children, Жанр: история. “Ayla, I’m sure if we just rode off, he’d jump in and follow you. If we’re .

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Ayla heard the roar only slightly louder, but she shuddered violently as a shivering vibration tore through her.

Jean Auel’s later books suffer from much repetition of previous events, so I don’t feel like I missed much of the previous three books! She looked at Jondalar, at his exceptionally tall, muscular body, at his long, straight, yellow hair tied back with a thong at the nape of his neck, at his fine, well-made features.

He sees a lot more than we do in this high grass. They rode off, heading down a gully toward the river, with Ayla leading the way, leaving the rest of the carcass behind with the snarling beasts, who had immediately returned and begun to tear it apart again.

Smiling at Jondalar with contentment, Ayla reached into her bowl for the last ripe raspberry and popped it in her mouth. Oct 28, Scott rated it liked it. When the author explored the darker side of humanity in the story it was both fascinating and refreshing. And I might add some of the roast to the soup after it browns, for color, and taste.

While the food was cooking, she sorted through the herbs she had gathered for “Wolf repellent,” putting aside the plant she had gathered for her own uses. It was another of his little traits that had surprised her because no man of the Clan would ever dream of showing so much interest, even if he might have been curious, in anything that was in the memories of the women.


In fact, every time I turn around, I see one more instance of where a woman is brought down to build up a man. They both put up the tent, spreading out an oval ground cloth, then anchoring slender wooden shafts in the earth to support a shaped leather tarp made of several hides sewn together. There, Ayla thought, in that open space — some animal must have made that by rolling in it — those are goosefoots, what Nezzie called goosefoots, like the pigweed near the clan’s cave.

The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel | : Books

When it was accidentally revealed that Doraldo had been killed while attempting to force a Clan woman, Dolando’s rage began to soften. I never hear auep talk that way about other animals, not even wolverines, and they scavenge rotten meat sometimes and are more vicious and smell worse.

Ayla suddenly shivered and felt a strange sensation deep in her bones.

Where did you get that, Wolf? I will keep drinking Iza’s tea every morning, and I won’t say anything. He also wanted the two lame boys to learn a skill. Aren’t we traveling together?

Book: The Plains of Passage

Beside them, mountain avens clung to the rocky outcrops and hills of this rugged lower land, just as it did on mountainsides, its low evergreen branches of tiny leaves and solitary yellow flowers spreading out, over many years, into dense mats. Find out more about OverDrive accounts.

There are some duplicates from “Valley” the Shamudoi and the Ramudoibut honestly, with the way all the tribes immediately love Ayla and Jondalar, there is nothing that makes them stand out. If I can’t have a baby yet, at least, I want to have Pleasures with him. Auel returns us to the earliest days of humankind and to the captivating adventures of the courageous woman called Ayla. During the next few days, Jondalar secretly made a few tools, including some spear points and a spear-thrower.

A rhythm began to develop to her tension; yes she would stop, no she would not, sounded over and over in her mind.

Ayla noticed he was putting a light spear and his spear-thrower back in his pack basket. This book was so boring. There was apssage something ahead. At a quick glance, the overall color of the woolly mammoths was a reddish brown, but a closer look revealed many variations of the basic shade. The males, who had given up, but only temporarily, were standing away from the close-packed herd resting, while she sought respite from her exertions within the midst of the excited females.


Aug 13, Blythe Pelham rated it it was amazing. Only Jondalar did that. Ayla was moving on a wave of sensations, hardly aware of anything except the hot pulses of feeling coursing through her.

The darker outer hairs, of varying lengths, aul up to forty inches long, hung down like a skirt along the flanks, and quite thickly from the abdomen and dewlap — the loose skin of the neck and chest — creating a padding underneath them when they lay down on frozen ground.

It was the first time in all his young life that he had been able to communicate with the people he loved. When her eye was caught by alpine asters with long thin petals of yellow and violet growing from rosettes of silky, plakns leaves, her fleeting notion became a conscious temptation to gather apssage few, along with some of the other flowers, for no reason except to enjoy them.

Sue Carroll rated it it was amazing May 26, And I know you want to go home, Jondalar. Journey stories are inherently tough and not everyone is going to like them. Sep 15, Sarah Hollars rated it it was ok. All the pain and pleasure bring them closer to their ultimate destination, for the orphaned Ayla and the wandering Jondalar must reach that place on earth they can jexn home.

From Wikipedia, the free te. He didn’t know what happened to it, and he tried everything to get the taste out of his mouth.

Later, as they traveled through Sharamudoi territory, they saw a Ramudoi boat and auell people on the opposite shore.