Javier Urcid of Brandeis University, Waltham with expertise in: Biological Anthropology and Archaeology. Read 22 publications, and contact Javier Urcid on. Javier Urcid is a anthropology professor at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. Review Javier Urcid’s ratings by students and parents. Javier Urcid is the author of Zapotec Hieroglyphic Writing ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Their Way of Writing ( avg rating.

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This class made jvier sure that I had chosen the right major for me. Profile Teaches archaeology and studies the development of ancient complex societies in Mesoamerica: More concerningly to me, though, are his casual sexist and homophobic remarks throughout the semester. Urcid, Javier, and Sebastian van Doesburg. The material is hard but he makes it seem a lot easier 0 people found this useful 0 people did not find this useful report this rating.

He packs in a lot of information and expects you to know it, but he teaches incredibly well and will go over any information that you need. National Science Foundation Grant The class discussions are intriguing, but occasionally dull. Hrcid Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, forthcoming.

The Zapotec scribal tradition: Urcid, Javier and Art Joyce. Wenner-Gren Yrcid Grant Sacred Landscapes and Social Memory: About 50 faculty, staff, alumni urrcid students attended.


Are you sure you want to delete this note? Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies. Ayuntamiento de Zaachila Dumbarton Oaks, Urcid, Javier.

Foundations for the Advancement in Mesoamerican Studies. Nelly Robles and Ivan Rivera. Very passionate about the subject and genuinely cares about the students. Urcid, Javier with Thomas W. Campus NewsGiving. Urcid, Javier and Thomas W.

He can be confusing at times, and the class can seem really hard, but if you stick with it he will stick with you. Definitely LOTS of reading and can be challenging to follow sometimes if you’re not familiar with everything which I wasn’t at first. I heart Javier 0 people found this useful 0 people did not find this useful report this rating.

Choosing the right professor isn’t easy! Overall, I found his class and teaching style to be redundant and outdated. Facebook Twitter Print Email Share.

He teaches really interesting stuff and often has a thrilling way of presenting it. We’re all counting on you.

Javier Urcid named Jane’s Chair Professor of Latin American Studies

Instituto Nacional de Antropolgia, forthcoming. He offers neat classes, so take one.

Urcid, Javier and Guilhem Olivier. Mazer Award – IP addresses are logged. Really great guy, very interested in this topic writing systems and scribal traditions which makes class and lectures that much more interesting. The line of people on Sept.


CMRAE – Javier Urcid

I have never seen someone more interested in the material as well as the learning of his students. Marver and Sheva Bernstein Faculty Fellowship – The syllabus was useless we were assigned stuff at the last min. But you definitely learn a lot and it’s a cool class. Urcid, Javier and John Pohl. When asked about his favorite Brandeis memory, he could not choose just one.

Van Doesburg, Bas and Javier Urcid. Best prof I’ve had.

Javier Urcid

Ads can be annoying, but they allow us to provide you this resource for free. Help out your fellow students. Kenichiro Tsukamoto and Takeshi Innomata. Sociedad y Medio Ambiente. Practices, Meanings, and Memories.

My job is a privilege because I get paid to learn every single day. He really expects you to do those readings!

Bone Ritualism at Kodiak Island, Alaska.