Consult Jastram GmbH & Co. KG’s Jastram Model H Helm Pumps brochure on NauticExpo. All other pumps have a 1/2″ NC stainless steel wheel bolt. HELM. Nov 23, This Pin was discovered by Meg Jastran. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. SILVER. The Restless Metal. ROY W. JASTRAM. University of Califomia, Berkeley. A RONALD PRESS PUBLICATION. JOHN WILEY & SONS, New York.

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The Digital Helm Manifold DHM is a small, compact manifold which provides seamless transfer from fly-by-wire steering to emergency manual hydraulic steering in the event of a power failure.

Rudder Feedback Unit Welcome to Driver’s Ed Supertankers jxstran cruise ships have maritime pilots who act metxl valets for mdtal giant vessels in ports The wheel is not supplied with the digital wheel. All moving parts are encased in a greased filled, heavy ductile iron housing and are protected from corrosion and mechanical damage. Commitment to Quality Jastram Engineering is well known for its commitment to quality, from initial design continuing through the manufacturing process to system commissioning and after sales service.

Jastram Engineering is well known for its commitment to quality, from initial design continuing through the manufacturing process to system commissioning and after sales service. In essence, they start and stop the electric motor which drives the hydraulic pump powering the steering gear.


We design and built according to all major marine classification rules and requirements.

Vertical or horizontal mounting or any other installations for electric, hydraulic or diesel engine drives are available. Galvanic cathodic protection CP is calculated and installed to protect the system for up to 5 years. The range is influenced by the respective installation design. We provide dependable engineered marine steering solutions jashran.

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Drive shaft extensions for restricted space in stern installations and detachable systems for workboats to allow servicing without docking are examples of our ability to meet customer requirements. Due to construction of the T-Ram, the clamp fitted tiller provides an integral rudder carrier bearing when the ram is supported from below. The Largest of the Indicators is the overhead three faced ajstran indicator.

When taking over control of the steering system the Digital wheel takes over at the present position of the rudder. Matching of ram capacity to rudder torque provides effective steering at the least cost.

The T-ram assembly mounts directly on the rudderstock and self-aligns, supporting its own weight. Jastram Digital Wheel DW.

Transverse Thrusters

Jastram have jqstran developing and producing transverse thrusters since Engineering for Life At Sea Jastram Engineering is built on the understanding of how critical steering is to the operation of any vessel. T Ram Rapson Slide Actuators. A holding brake to prevent propeller windmilling and noise during passage is recommended.


Impressed current cathodic protection ICCP instead of anodes for longer life and reduced resistance in the tunnel. For Supertankers Supertankers and cruise ships have maritime pilots who act as valets for the giant vessels in ports The X80 Indicators come in 3 sizes to fit all bridge applications. Two types of devices are available for the RFU to generate the feedback signal: Under power steering, the jastrxn wheel is turned producing a rudder command signal.

Jastrwn propeller is mounted with a tight oil press fit which allows rapid mounting and dismounting during shaft seal changes.

Products – Wagner Engineering Ltd.

Jastram Jog Levers operate either completely on as long as the switch is activated or completely off when it is released. The rudder then follows up to the position requested by the wheel.

The rudder will then follow-up to the position commanded by the movement of the wheel. The RFU outputs both a rudder angle indicator signal and rudder feedback signal, as well as an optional second independent second rudder angle indicator signal.