It had to be you [COMPLETE] by, yukimiya87 / beta read by, girldevil pg13 | yunjae + yoosumin (hint) | romance-drama | characters. Jung Yunho felt absolutely. {Yunho, there would not be me if not for you. My other half read here, Kim Jaejoong was 23 years old and has had no boyfriend since birth. It Had To Be You is a quintessential yunjae + moonbin fic. I love how the characters’ conflicts are very realistic, and the interactions between all the characters.

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Jaejoong tries to figure out just what his position will be now that his master, Yunho, has a new yiu slave; while Yunho has his own problems to cope with. It’s quite depressing and angst-y so prepare some tissues if you can. He has a decent, well-paying job, and a very pretty girlfriend. In order to pay back the debt they decided to move to Seoul where they believe there is more opportunities for them.

Jaejoong loses in the game of love.

After seven years Jaejoong return to see Yunho again. HoSuMinChun went on a vacation-slash-help around Junsu’s shop in an island. What if you were the key necessary for the change? Sequel to “A hundred hda one days later” It has already been a year since Jaejoong and Yunho came back together after all of the obstacles in their relationship.


The plot has been inspired by this song, and also slightly by a number of Korean films from different decades. What do you do when everything’s just so fucked up?

Jaejoong is the student council VP who gives notorious a new meaning. Like a Ying-Yang Jaejoong represent the dark side while Youngwoong represent the bright side.

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I ran through the phone contacts. Read to find out! Jung Yunho is a struggling year old employee in a big car company. Jung Yunho gets assigned a new room, his room mate a call boy in his high school.

They were extremely rich owning Seoul biggest casino. Three years later when he thought for everything to be the same he bumps into Jung Yunho, a man who quickly turns him around, but for how long?

Jaejoong was found guilty for the murder of Park Sun Don. Kim and when his mother passed away he was taken to the Kim family.

Powered tp Dreamwidth Studios. This is the process of two lovers healing each other They are now the most popular hosts in Seoul most popular gay club known as Mirotic Night Club.


He met his only best friend from high school, who was the ultimate geek who worked hard to achieve his goals, in a club. They even survived through the war as forbidden lovers.

About the things that you hope for and the things that you get. Jaejoong is a simple college student in love with a business man named Yunho.

Yunjae Fanfics

His perfect life is twisted itt thrown away when his beautiful wife leaves and takes their daughter with her. NC overall a smutless version will be provided Disclaimer: Yunho is a single, CEO of the company making most money out of the whole world.

Learning to build up walls once Christmas time came made him both cold and lonely, past extrovert turning into an introvert.

Kim Jae Has leads what would be seen as the perfect life After all, they did come out to the entire world and get fired from SME. However the path that they took leads them into a life style that they never even imagine themselves living in.