Interchar , Interchar , Interchar , Interchar and Interchar Interchar can be specified for structural beams, columns and. This approval relates to the use of Interchar for the fire protection of of Interchar (excluding primer and top sealer) required to provide. Interchar | Anti-corrosion solutions | Adress A. Kojelavičiaus g. 17, LT Vilnius.

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Association for Specialist Fire Protection 75 Fire protection for structural steel in buildings th www.

Sample Report for Indian Export Data of Interchar

Additional mechanical fixing Not Applicable 8. Use appropriate proprietary fixings at mm centres. Situations may arise where certain of the above principles are not appropriate to a particular assessment. Unfaced product can receive intrchar renders or plaster.

Cafco International Steelguard FM Also see Section 6 7. Screw-fix these to the angles at mm centres. A National Annex normally contains small changes to safety factors to bring the Eurocode in line with existing national standards.

Additional mechanical fixing For 3-sided applications. Example Calculation Table In such situations the same principle is used as for other configurations where A is the surface area of the part of the section exposed to the fire and V is the volume of the section.

Physical performance and retention of the protection material A critical factor in the performance of any reactive coating is its ability to remain coherent and in position for the defined range of deformations. Farby International – NonKor Service Cold formed steel sheet supported by steel intterchar create the treads and risers of the stair assembly as well as supporting the Durasteel board on top.


Thickness available 15 and 20mm 9. Consequently the appraisal of the fire resistance of protected steel is usually confined to this critical temperature.


Other applications Upgrading fire performance of concrete floors Firetech Slab. These rules take into account malfunction of thermocouples and could lead to the rejection of all the data obtained on a particular section.

That in Figure 6. The basis for the justification of the alternative technique should be documented in detail in the assessment report.

Appearance Off-white gypsum board On 3 sided columns or beams protection of steel angle sections may be used in conjunction with Glasroc FireCase s backing strips or alternatively Glasroc FireCase s soldiers can be used for fire protection periods up to and including 90 minutes. Web and flange boards overlap connected with spiral screws at mm centres. For decks with the profile running parallel to beams no special recommendations are made for spray applied materials but.

Fire Resistance Period The fire resistance period of each tested loaded steel section is the duration of the test until the specimen is no longer able to support the test load see Section 1.

The assessments derived from the procedures detailed in this document may be applied directly to steel sections having the following properties: The guidance of ENV is recommended. Stormwater General Design Criteria. Fire Resistance Range 30 minutes to 4 hours Association for Specialist Fire Protection 49 Fire protection for structural steel in buildings th www.

Association for Specialist Fire Protection 62 Fire protection for structural steel in buildings th www.

The fire resistance test shall be performed on the steel encased protection system incorporating the board interchra be used in practice. Association for Specialist Fire Protection 81 Fire protection for structural steel in buildings th www. Guide for Family Reading Parties Mission. The procedure is in two parts.


Stud weld pins at mm centres. Nomex FR clothing Arc rated clothing interchar When filling voids above beams protected with a passive fire protection material it is not necessary to use the same material to fill the voids as was used to protect the beam.

Beamclad Tissue Faced c Reinforced aluminium foil faced.

Intumescent Painting & Coating Contractor

This will ensure that no benefit will be gained from conservative over-application of the coating. Section 8 Contains notes on the application of fire protection system data sheets from which a specifier may obtain authoritative information on required thickness and range of application.

The load factors for the fire limit state are provided in Table 5 of BS Part 8: These methods have been formally codified in ENV Constraints for fire resistance a Minimum dry thickness. These may be subject. The former shall result in a product specific analysis or assessment of the combined steel beam and protection product performance [similar to RT ] as provided by a competent structural fire engineer.

The methods associated with physical principles thermal conductivity and statistical analysis multiple linear regression generally require less specimens than the graphical approach. Web post assessments must be based upon fire test report and assessment from a 3rd party test laboratory accredited to ISO The Panel has undertaken the validating and appraisal of the proprietary data sheets in this publication to maintain its unbiased technical content.