This tutorial covers a core set of Intel XDK features to help you learn the app development workflow.; Author: Android on Intel; Updated: 14 Jan. In this Article we will discuss about Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK. Cross platform development stands for write a single. Intel® XDK is a cross-platform development environment for building and deploying Download Now: ▫ Learn More: Getting Started Tutorial.

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Start with intel XDK. Set up the XDKTutorial project. Apart from that, it supports Cordova Plugin support, so that you can create your app with advanced features and more hardware interactions.

This feature does work in a built app when building with CLI 4. Context menus are also available.

Intel XDK Complete Tutorial

You can test your app via a test server in the cloud or via a local Wi-Fi network to which both your development machine and test mobile device are connected. However, modifying code in the debugger window only impacts future app behavior in the simulator.

In this tutorial I will show how to integrate pu To use this type of app, a mobile device uses a web browser and Internet access. Create your new app.

This tutorial does not cover web services.

Intel XDK Complete Tutorial

There are many tools in the market which provide the cross-platform mobile application development environment. Google Analytics is the World’s best website analytics platform.

It is convenient for testing how an app will look and function on an actual, physical mobile device. Use the WIFI button to test via a local Wi-Fi network to which both your development machine and test mobile device are connected. Click the Close Build Page button. Virtualization for System Programmers.


Set up the XDKTutorial project. Use the toolbar buttons to reload your app source files and restart your app, launch the built-in debugger in another floating window, display and change emulator settings, and stop executing the app in the emulator. The processor on your development machine is probably faster than the processor on a real mobile device, so performance problems are typically not visible in the emulator.

You may need to increase the notification volume on your Android device to hear the beep. App that executes on a web server. I faced some tuttorial about installing node-opencv. Expand a palette to view tutoriial modify its options. After that you will get the following screen,for designing framework selection,Here we have chosen Bootstrap.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not ihtel published. It should display a window similar to the following: The main Intel XDK page at: Will get back to you soon!!! There are three main project types:. See the Projects Overview for more information.

Intel XDK Documentation – Getting Started Tutorial – CodeProject

After login, you will get the following screen. If you think modifications to your code are necessary, you can do it via the debugger window. If prompted, log into your Intel XDK account.

Choose the Samples and Demos option. This to minute tutorial helps you get started ontel the Intel XDK by walking you through a typical end-to-end workflow you can ultimately apply to your own app development process.

A visual representation of the selected virtual device appears in a new floating device window.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The default values are sufficient for this tutorial. Your development machine displays a Please sync with our testing server message the first time you click the TEST tab for a project.


An Intel XDK project corresponds to an app and provides a container for your project files and associated settings. It should display a window similar to the following: The runtime engine rendering your HTML5 code in the zdk is based on the Chromium open source browser. Close the Developer Tools floating window.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can lock tuforial Intel XDK apps orientation and also detect the current orientation. The Debug and Test Overview.

Most apps require video to be played therefore exploring this API is very important. Preview app functionality on various virtual devices. This is what we will do in this tutorial. Usually faster once set up; does not consume mobile data; pulls files directly from your development machine.

It requires an IoT maker board and is not built like mobile web apps for phones and tablets. To use this type of app, a mobile device uses a web browser and Internet access. You can create apps by starting from a template including a blank templatestarting from sample or demo code, or importing an HTML project.

These buttons let you start or stop the simulator, reload the app, start the debugger, and control whether the simulator restarts automatically when a project file gets updated using the code editor in the DEVELOP tab or a different editor.

There are three main project types: Hi, Thanks for sharing this great source codes with us. Portrait X and Y positio