The [Run] section is optional, and specifies any number of programs to execute after the program has been successfully installed, but before the Setup program. The latter can happen if CloseApplications is set to yes or force. Installing Shown during the actual installation process. Information Shown if InfoAfterFile is set. Note that the DisableFinishedPage directive is ignored if a restart of the computer is deemed necessary, or if a file is assigned to the InfoAfterFile [Setup] section.

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Cannot be combined with waituntilidle or waituntilterminated. Not recommended; see below Instructs Setup to proceed to comparing time stamps if the file being installed already exists on the user’s system, and at least one of the following conditions is true:. If this ingoafterfile is not specified or is blank, a default message of “Finishing installation This parameter can include constants.

Specifies the language to use. By assigning infoafteffile string to RunOnceIdyou can ensure that a particular [UninstallRun] entry will only be executed once during uninstallation.

[Run] & [UninstallRun] sections

This flag instructs the compiler innosetjp digitally sign the original source files before storing them, but only if the files are not already signed. Cannot be combined with nowait or waituntilidle. This is the default behavior in a bit mode install. Only one file in an installation can have this flag.

Unicode Inno Setup

You should not use this parameter in any new scripts. If the version number displayed in its title bar says ” a ” you are running Non Unicode Inno Setup. Specifies a custom exit code that Setup is to return when the system needs to be restarted following a successful installation. When an application using the file is uninstalled, the reference count is decremented. May be useful in a large, multi-component installation if you find too much time is being spent decompressing files belonging to components that weren’t selected.


NTFS partitions store time stamps in UTC unlike FAT partitionswhich causes local time stamps — what Inno Setup works with by default — to shift whenever a user changes their system’s time zone or when daylight saving time goes into or out of effect. Constants may only be used when the external flag is specified, because the compiler does not do any constant translating itself. When the flag external is specified, Source must be the full pathname of an existing file or wildcard on the distribution media or the user’s system e.

Unicode Inno Setup is compiled with Delphi instead of Delphi 2 and 3, leading to slightly larger files. This flag should only be used on files private to your application, never on shared system files.

Valid only in a [Run] section. Note that if this flag is combined with the sharedfile flag, the file will never be deleted at uninstall time but the reference count will still be properly decremented.

If the compiler detects a entry with an isreadme flag, it strips the isreadme flag from the [Files] entry and inserts a generated [Run] entry at the head of the list of [Run] entries. Install the file into the.


If this flag is specified and the system is running Windows Vista or later, the spawned process will execute with the normally non-elevated credentials of the user that started Setup initially i. CHW generated index file is automatically deleted. If a file with the specified name already exists it will be overwritten.

[Setup]: DisableFinishedPage

IsWin64 parameter, which will cause the entry to be silently skipped when running on bit Windows. Sign up using Email and Password.

Cannot be combined with nowait or waituntilterminated. The default response in situations where there’s a choice is: Use this flag on file types that you know can’t benefit from compression for example, JPEG images to speed up the compilation process and save a few bytes in the resulting installation.

This description is used for entries with the postinstall flag.

By default, 0 is returned in this case. If Setup has to restart the user’s computer as a result of installing a file with the flag restartreplace or if the AlwaysRestart [Setup] section directive is yesthere will not be an opportunity for the checkbox to be displayed and intoafterfile the entry will never be processed. If the file cannot be created, Setup will abort with an error message.