In , Dr. Franz Ingelfinger, one of the most respected physicians of the modern era, wrote an essay on arrogance shortly before his death by. Arrogance. Creator. Ingelfinger, Franz J. Bibliographic Citation No Thumbnail [ %x] · Arrogance . Ingelfinger, Franz J. (). Thumbnail. Yet, at the same time there is a belief that doctors are arrogant and misbehave. But in his essay on arrogance, Franz Ingelfinger, MD, noted a.

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While patients and media frequently accuse us of behaving arrogantly or poorly, I’m ingelfingdr sure these are fair generalizations. We must speak up whenever we witness arrogance in medicine and other aspects of our life. For more on mindfulness, click here.

Franz J. Ingelfinger – Wikipedia

Ingelfinger was born in DresdenGermany. I guess I do know more than a few arrogant physicians. Senelick, MD, discussed why he thinks physicians are perceived as being arrogant. Ingelfinger, 69, Medical Editor; Progress at the Journal.

According to Senelick the following behaviors can safely be considered arrogance and not confidence: This ingelfinyer article related to medicine in the United States is a stub.

The Arrogance of Doctors

What qualities would you like to believe that they possess? That arrogance may manifest itself as: Although medical schools are placing greater emphasis on teaching empathy, I like Dr. The physician’s knowledge of ingdlfinger body and ailments places them in a potential position of dominance. Top 10 Painkillers in the US.


The way people view physicians is a little confusing these days. Medical culture can encourage assertive behavior, arrogance and a sense of entitlement. However, some specialties are another story. A lack of respect and good manners towards staff and patients. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Most likely, you want to believe that ingdlfinger people surrounding you have special abilities that will relieve your crushing pain, prevent a heart attack and save your life.

But, for the most part, they were caring, “normal” people. While some physicians may still behave poorly, I believe that physicians are no more vain or insolent than any other group of people.

We were dealing with numerous variables and options. Ingelfinger’s process for screening applicants — “That only those who have been hospitalized during their adolescence or adult years be admitted to medical school. For more by Richard C. The truth is that perhaps doctors have a little right to be arrogant and assured in being right. I am a physician, and I don’t think Ijgelfinger am more arrogant than non-physicians. If this is the case, what is it about the health care system and the experience with a physician that brings out negative feelings?


The 12 Most Read Stories of On the one hand, patients believe that doctors are highly honest and ethical. Franz Ingelfinger, medical leader with three careers ingefinger a doctor, at He added that bad behaviors are learned during training and then passed onto the rest of the health care team. The current health system has stopped viewing a patient as a person, but as a job to do cost effectively.

Mere mortals like yourself, or confident, skilled ingelfingrr with the experience to make the right decisions that will alleviate your illness.

I Don’t Think Physicians Are as Arrogant as You Do | HuffPost Life

In inge,finger article “On Humility,” Dr. Such a practice would not only increase the number of empathic doctors; it would also permit the whole elaborate system of medical school admissions to be jettisoned.

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