This guide will show you how to correctly export a document from Adobe InDesign to be printed, and also how to flatten the layers within Adobe. You can create InDesign documents that have multiple layers, which is useful when you have many elements to work with. For example, an image of your. The InDesign software program included in Adobe’s Creative Suite lets you create professional brochures, books, catalogs and other complex.

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Of course, using the print indessign demands a full version of Acrobat is installed on your system. Ignore the flattener preset on an individual spread.

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How do I flatten a transparency in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop?

Layers are like sheets of paper stacked on top of the digital document, which appear to be on the same level. How do your Excel skills stack up? In addition, Smith has more than 20 years experience in marketing, graphic arts, commercial photography and print production, and is a licensed real estate agent with property management certification in California.

Instead, use Overprint Preview mode for those purposes. If you use blending, check your design periodically using Overprint Preview in the View menu. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. With this option selected, overprinted areas that interact with transparency are flattened, while overprinting in other areas is preserved. That’s probably what the printer is having problems with. What do you mean by exporting the transparency live?

  DA PAM 672-1 PDF

Export and import a custom transparency flattener preset.

Is overprint preview turned on in Acrobat? Use for desktop proofs and print-on-demand documents that will be printed on Adobe PostScript color printers. Note that this option takes foattened to process than the others. Deselect this option when saving files for use in page-layout applications. It still pops layers in after doing that, though its not as bad.

How to Flatten an InDesign Document | It Still Works

Flatten transparent artwork Search. Use a process color where flartened. In this case, you can flatten the complex spread at a high quality, and use a faster and lower-quality flattener preset on the other spreads. If you create documents for web only, choose Document RGB.

How do you export a “flat image” pdf? | Adobe Community

You can enter the name of an existing preset to edit that preset. Of course, I’m not saying X-1 is bad As artwork becomes more complex mixing images, vectors, type, spot colors, overprinting, and so onso does the flattening and its results. When I open the exported pdf in Acrobat, I see the file layer itself open. Transparency Flattener Preset options. Ok, I see what you mean now. This option reduces stitching artifacts that result when part of an object is rasterized while indesugn part of the object remains in vector form.


Highlights the objects that are sources of transparency, such as objects flaftened partial opacity including images with wxport channelsobjects with blending modes, and objects with opacity masks. Stitching, where rasters and vectors meet.

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Uses the document flattening preset for this spread. Get New Horizons’ latest graphics design articles straight to your inbox. Flattneed keep as many objects vector as possible, select the [High Resolution] transparency flattener preset in the Advanced area of the Print or Export Adobe PDF dialog box.

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To edit an existing preset, select the preset and click Edit. Also, ask your printer what colour profile they expect.