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Buy IEC Ed. Sound level meters from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering A sound level meter is used for acoustic measurements. It is commonly a hand- held instrument .. Both of these were replaced by IEC , later renamed IEC , while the linear integrating meters were initially described by IEC , later.

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The New York Times.

This iex known as the microphone sensitivity. For labels, the first letter is always an L. Retrieved 2 August Equivalent values are a form of time weighting that is easier to read on a display than the instantaneous sound level.

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For unusual measurement situations, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate ANSI standards for guidance in interpreting instrument accuracy. However, for mainly historical reasons, L AT is commonly referred to as L eq.

The standard sound level meter can be called an exponentially averaging sound level meter as the AC signal from the microphone is converted to DC by a root-mean-square RMS circuit and thus it must have a time constant of integration; today referred to as the time-weighting.

This information was correct as of LAeq is not always a straight iwc. Class 1, Class 2. Sound exposure level—in decibels—is not much used in industrial noise measurement.

Here is a summary of the most important standards. It follows that the decibel is, in a sense, not a unit, it is simply a dimensionless lec in this case the ratio of two pressures.

The ubiquity of smartphonestheir constant network 60615, the built-in geographic information system functionality and user-interactivity features present a great opportunity to revolutionize the way we look at noise, its measurement, and its effects on hearing and overall health.

Similar to IEC Parts 2 and 3 describe the methods of checking conformance to the IEC Very similar to IEC This makes it unlikely that a sound level meter designed to the older and standards will meet the requirements of IEC Using this information, the instrument is able to accurately convert the electrical signal back to a sound 660651, and display the resulting sound pressure level decibels dB SPL. If the LAeq is plotted as the equivalent from the beginning of the graph to each of the measurement points, 6065 plot is shown in the second graph.


We aim to keep this information as up-to-date as possible so if you find any information inaccurate please contact our development team on media atp-instruments.

Sound Level Meter Standards

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For a complete sound level meter check, periodic testing outlined in IEC Ice is normally intended to be a body-worn instrument and thus has a relaxed technical requirement, as a body-worn instrument—because of the presence of the body—has a poorer overall acoustic performance.

One of the more difficult decisions in selecting a sound level meter is “How do you know if it complies with its claimed standard?

Researchers reported that challenges remain with using smartphones to collect and document noise exposure data due to encounters with privacy and collection of personal data, motivation to participate in such studies, corrupted or bad data, and the ability to store the data collected. These ‘withdrawn’ standards should no longer be used, especially for any official purchasing requirements, as they have significantly poorer accuracy requirements than IEC By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This can be done using either dedicated programs or standard spreadsheets. A Fast measurement green line is quicker to react. F may be more suitable where the signal is less impulsive.

Time weighting is applied so that levels measured are easier to read on a sound level meter.

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The output of the RMS circuit is linear in voltage and is passed through a logarithmic circuit to give a readout linear in decibels dB. In order to get accurate and repeatable measurements, it is essential that a sound level meter kec the relevant standards. Most national standards permit the use of “at least a Class 2 instrument”. Most measurement regulations will state the standards that should be met by the equipment. These ief often also be powered using solar power.


If a manufacturer cannot show at least one model in his range that has such approval, it is reasonable to be wary, but the cost of this approval militates against any manufacturer having all his range approved. In addition to the type of meter, the standard also lists two performance categories Class 1 and Class 2. Type 0 is used in laboratories, Type 1 is used for precision measurements in the field, and Type 2 is used for general-purpose measurements.

Traditionally, noise dosemeters were relatively large devices with a microphone mounted near the ear and having a cable going to the instrument body, itself usually belt worn.

While applying double hearing protection helps prevent auditory damage, it may compromise effectiveness by isolating the user from his or her environment.

Iex is no longer in the body of the standard because it has little real correlation with the impulsive character of noise events. It is commonly a hand-held instrument with a microphone. A-Weighting, with less lower and higher frequenciesand a slight boost in the mid-range, represents what humans are capable of hearing.

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Noise pollution Audio engineering Measuring instruments Sound measurements. The output of the generator is fed to a transducer in a half-inch cavity into which the sound level meter microphone is inserted.