I Too Had a Dream has ratings and reviews. Komal said: Life’s Battles do not always go to the faster or stronger man, in the end the man who w. 45 quotes from I Too Had a Dream: ‘a person who does not have respect for time, and does not have a sense of timing, can achieve little.’. The book begins with the background of Dr Kurien. It also briefly tells how a sleepy and dusty little down transformed itself into the Milk Capital.

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The kind of motivation, confidence and learning this book has provided, I remember only one book that can be added in the same league- A. Worth the time spent in reading the life of one of the great visionaries who fought corporate, political and bureaucratic structures to build one of India’s great success stories, the ‘AMUL’. Kurien earned the trust and confidence of prime minister, cabinet ministers of successive Indian governments, which helped him in bringing multiple reforms like Operation Flood.

Kurien and thus harming OF. The board of directors of Polson were aghast and exceedingly embarrassed. But I was surprised when I found that he didn’t discuss his personal life as such and only focused the book towards milk industry and how he contributed into it.

When many would wonder how Kurien could achieve such great heights, the book slowly unravels how the glorious history began.

I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien

Verghere Kurien was surely a man of his principles and therefore he never got scared by anyone and even in his autobiography, he has taken names without any fear which makes it more interesting to read.

A brilliant story of how a city-bred and disinclined youth landed at Anand and then went to create history. Kurien, I’ve always had an immense admiration for him. Among us are people of great intellectual ability; people of the highest moral and ethical attainment; people of great tenacity and courage. Drexm ‘Anand pattern of cooperatives’were so successful that, at the request of the Government of India, he set up the National Dairy Development Board to replicate it across India.


He clearly believes that government should just “govern” which is even more relevant today ever since the reforms unleashed the private sector in India What really struck me in the book was the rise of co-operative movement in India and hence its ubiquitous presence in contemporary india. Kurien was fortunate to have that kind of support from different quarters, from Tribhuvandas to Maniben, from Jawaharlal Nehru to Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. This is one of the best memoirs I have ever read.

Kurien has revolutionized the whole rural sector of our country by empowering the villagers and bringing them together to create one of the biggest profitable cooperative union in the world namely- Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union, commonly known as AMUL.

Rather it is about not putting in your bet effort and not contributing, however modestly, to the common good. But, his integrity and self-respect made him resign from the post even though he was doing really well. The book not only talks about his struggles in overcoming bureaucratic hurdles, arranging funds, indigenously developing the technology to make milk powder from buffalo milk, but also reveals his insights, his take on the governments, the mindset of selfish people, and how all believed in and were to some extent intimidated by Kurien.

Verghese Kurien, the positive story of Kurien, who, like so many other Indian graduates, ends up in a job unrelated to his studies, takes up the challenges unsuspecting of the fact that he could become the father of the Indian white revolution.


Social Entrepreneurship exploring the unexplored………. The tricky part has always been: His first wife is the dairy.

There are some books that talk to readers and this is one such book. Kurien a chance to present his proposal in his house and it was immediately sanctioned without involvement of any politician.

Your Mobile has been activated successfully. The greatest repercussion of the government entering into business is that instead of safeguarding people from kirien interests, they themselves become the vested interest.

I would recommend to all those who are interested to find the details of White Revolution or Operation Flood. You can get an idea of Amul’s succes from the following data available on Amul’s website. See 1 question about I Too Had a Dream…. This is a great and inspirational book about a man and a country, one that deserves to be read by every Indian. Success is a sum total learning from failures.

Feb 14, Komal rated it it was amazing. That common good will present itself to you in many forms everyday. Kurien’s sense of humour was remarkable and I would literally laugh out loud reading many of the incidents in which his one liners had pinned his opponents in place. No flowery language or attempt to please anyone. He devoted his ent There are some books that talk to readers and this is one such book.

Quotes from “I too had a dream”, by Verghese Kurien

Enter your email address. Leaders like Nehru, Mrs. Verghese Kurien — An employee of farmers When Dr.