Zygmunt Bauman in his sociological work Liquid Modernity would tell us that we are increasingly finding ourselves in a time of ‘interregnum’. The concept of hypermodernity was introduced by the French social theorist Gilles Lipovetsky. In a hypermodern culture, he wrote. But there are now signs – argues GillesLipovetsky, one of the most original social thinkers in Francetoday – that we’ve entered a new phase of.

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Henrik Anckarsäter: “Hypermodern times” by Gilles Lipovetsky and psychiatry

The result being not only the selling and buying of vast amounts of products and services, but also a consumer mentality in sectors that traditionally operated according to a different logic – for example health care and education.

And the hypermodern individual, while oriented towards pleasure and hedonism, is also filled with the kind of tension and anxiety that comes from living in a world which has been stripped of tradition and which faces an uncertain future.

The term ‘postmodernity’ has been used to describe that historical transformation of the late 20th century when the institutional breaks holding back individual emancipation disintegrated, thereby giving rise hypermodwrn the full expression of individual desires and the quest for self-fulfilment. The second modernity, or hypermodernity, commenced aroundsays Lipovetsky, when advances in production met post war and Depression cravings for gratification.

Change in overdrive gilkes a characteristic of our modern global hypermodern culture: Psychiatry is, and always has been, medicine’s—and perhaps the modern era’s—most daring enterprise. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Le futur devient plus incertain, la peur du terrorisme montre que la vie est toujours en danger. Hyperconsumption is a consumption which absorbs liovetsky integrates more and more spheres of social life and which encourages individuals to consume for their own personal pleasure rather than to enhance their social status.

Aug 20, L rated it really liked it Shelves: The predominant emotional chord is described like this: Instrument-based risk assessments are increasingly used to certify people in order to point out individuals who present some sort of risk.

Hypermodern Times

One hundred years have just passed since the Bolshevik regime in what was to become the Soviet union decided to kill all members of the Roma Funding from the pharmacoceutical industry is drying up, and molecular genetic studies implicate extremes of normal variation rather than identifiable mutations in a large majority of research subjects with common conditions such as depression or even autism spectrum disorders.

Dilettantischer DienstagEnglishGilles Lipovetskyhypermodern timeshypermodernismmodernismpsychiatrypsychopharmacology. Temptation and seduction rule our night lives: Results from the European Communication Monitor show that European communication professionals are helping their organisations to function in a hypermodern culture.

The hypermodern times actually began when the description of postmodernism became common knowledge in the last decades of the 20th century. A hypermodern society is a society in overdrive, characterised by a culture of hyper consumption, hyper change and hyper individualism. The three parts together open a window into the mind of one of today’s most interesting thinkers.

Organising and communicating in hypermodern times

Would you like to change to the site? On the contrary, mental health is getting steadily worse in the hypermodern culture, treatment results have not improved in any general sense and psychiatry itself is getting more repressive, with more involuntary care, forced pharmacotherapies and long-term monitoring.


Inthe confidence in the progress of psychiatry seems to have started to dwindle. Email required Address never made public.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Surprisingly he also manages to create a balanced picture though his suggestion of paradox almost lends itself to this. The book will provide an excellent overview of the theories of modernity, post modernity and hypermodernity for the upper level student.

Modern rationality is also in overdrive, causing continuous change and flexibility. What he describes resonates as recognizable, which is in part why it is so likable a read. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Tony Ocampo rated it really liked it Apr 13, A typical hypermodern organisational paradox is that organisations have to be open and flexible but at the same time should carefully manage and control their internal and external environment in order to reach their goals for example to earn a profit and to increase employment.

Hypermodern Times | Social Theory | Social & Behavioral Sciences | Subjects | Wiley

Patricio Novoa rated it really liked it Oct 15, Jessica rated it really liked it Apr 07, The concept of hypermodernity was introduced by the French social hypeemodern Gilles Lipovetsky. We are identifying with them, revising them, and choosing them. Politicians have become stand-up comics that no one is laughing with, but at. Now, it is clearly mainstream.