Introduction La maladie rénale chronique constitue un véritable problème mondial de .. la grossesse était compliquée dans 50% des cas par un hydramnios. Synonyms, Polyhydramnion, hydramnios, polyhydramnios. Ultrasound Scan ND Specialty · Obstetrics · Edit this on Wikidata. Polyhydramnios is a medical condition describing an excess of amniotic fluid in the amniotic. Ces lésions peuvent être la conséquence d’une hypoxie chronique, d’une HTA De ce fait, l’indométacine a été proposé comme traitement des hydramnios.

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Generally, the gold standard treatment for staghorn stones is surgical with a view to achieve stone-free collecting system and preserve renal function. The outcome was very poor with an early mortality in 13 The relationship between renal extraction of glutamine and ammoniagenesis observed during control was maintained after renal artery constriction 1. The most common of presentation is rhino-cerebral.

Please help improve this article if you can. A patient with chronic Gaucher’s disease is described who developed glomerulopathy 24 years after splenectomy terminating in renal failure. The frequent application of ultrasound and radiological imaging for non-urological indications in recent years has resulted in an increase in the diagnosis of small renal masses.


Les manifestations pleuro-pulmonaires de la maladie de Horton sont rares et peu connues. Men receiving endocrine therapy for prostate cancer may develop painful gynaecomastia and this can be relieved with tamoxifen. The mechanical role of the renal capsule investigated in this work may have important implications in elucidating the role of decompressive capsulotomy in reducing the intrarenal pressure in acutely injured kidneys.

These include a maternal history of diabetes mellitusRh incompatibility between chroniwue fetus and mother, intrauterine infection, and multiple pregnancies. Subsequently unilateral denervation was performed, followed by repeated bilateral hemodynamic measurements.

After 7 months after nephrectomy, the UNX rats developed renal cell carcinoma with increased expression of proliferating cell nuclear antigen, and In reading the Essay through the lens of this recently developed dichotomy I use “nonmotor” to mean the application of a late 20th-century category to a year old account, whereas nonmotor designates application of the concept to contemporary understanding.

In particular, the role of the renal capsule on the intrarenal pressure has not been thoroughly addressed to chromique. Microgravity results in a headward shift of body fluid.


The decision for optimal treatment of staghorn stones should be individualized according to the circumstances of the patient involved and in order to do so, a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option is necessary.

Nilotinib represents an important therapeutic option but it is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events.

Case series

Articles needing cleanup from May All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field from May Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from May Infobox medical condition new Pages using infobox medical condition with unknown parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September hydramniow D ICD gydramnios Asymptomatic infections are far more common than those that are severe and cause mortality.

This is confirmed by renal carcinoma metastases to the pleura. The management of patients with and without uraemia is discussed and the use of the modified V and V—Y incisions for the removal of staghorn calculi is described.

How is kidney failure treated? Results During the pharmacist- and prescriber-based CDSS study uydramnios, 49, and 50, prescriptions, respectively, were dispensed for one of the included medications.

L’hydramnios chronique: prise en charge obstétricale et néonatale – Robert Dubois – Google Books

In 56 cases urinary tract infection was associated and in 2 cases, despite all efforts, the patients deceased due to sever sepsis. Le diagnostic repose sur la combinaison d’arguments cliniques, biologiques et histologiques. Stages of Renal Cell Cancer. Measurements of the intracortical distribution of radiolabeled microspheres revealed a progressive decrease in outer cortical blood flow rates and a progressive increase in inner cortical flow rates.

Le sex-ratio est de 1,9. Data on renal hemodynamics, function, and oxygenation in early clinical septic shock are lacking. The renal renin secretory rate increased modestly and intracortical renal blood flow was not redistributed.

Drugs that induce breast enlargement are described in order that, when possible, a medication switch can be made. Renal nerve stimulation was performed in the main arteries of all patients and in accessory renal arteries of 6 of 9 patients with accessory arteries, both before and after renal sympathetic denervation.

Transarterial embolization is the first-line treatment for these conditions. This hypothesis is based on the recent recognition of chaos fractals and complex systems in human physiology.


Renal oxygenation was estimated from renal oxygen extraction. We present the first case of renal pelvis UC of the upper moiety in a complete right renal duplex. She remained febrile and imaging on treatment day 14 showed no improvement of the renal abscesses.

The pathogenesis of renal calculi is reviewed in general terms followed by the results of investigation of patients with renal calculi studied by the author at Toronto General Hospital over a year period.

The 1- 3- and 5-year OS were Available survival studies using experimental animals clearly suggest that kidney pathology is one of the important non-neoplastic lesions that could affect overall survival, and that restoration of renal function by preventing kidney damage could significantly extend longevity.

Analog pulse modulation and pseudorandom binary sequence stimulation patterns are used for the determination of renal vascular frequency response. He was initially treated as a case renal tuberculosis which is relatively more common in TB endemic country like ours. The treatment options for patients with a small renal mass include active surveillance, surgery both open and minimally invasive as well as ablative techniques.

Renal denervation and hypertension. In contrast, renal resistance reserve increased from 1. This report describes a patient who presented with renal calculi in association with primary hyperaldosteronism. Activation of renal sympathetic nerves produces marked changes in renal haemodynamics, tubular ion and water transport and renin secretion. Microwave treatment of renal cell carcinoma adjacent to renal sinus.

In a multiple gestation pregnancy, the cause of polyhydramnios usually is twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Specific guidelines on the treatment is not yet known but combined surgical and medical therapy is considered the best modality for its management. Pathogenesis and nephroblastomatosis, the precursor lesions of Wilms tumor, also are discussed briefly, as are the handling of these tumor specimens and prognostic factors.

With the exception of pretreatment blood pressure BP level, no other clear predictor for treatment efficacy is yet known.