HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 1 Quiz: Restricted Access. Please sign up for the course before taking this Quiz. HAMMERING WINGS · HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 2. This DVD goes into this Filipino empty-hand drill in detail. Contents include; Defining the Kali lubud/hubud drill, hammer/overhand cycle breakdown. Panantukan Filipino Boxing – Lesson 2 – Hubud Lubud – YouTube.

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Too many people just know the moves of hubud lubud, the energy aspect of hubud ulbud often overlooked and misunderstood. Hubud’s universal nature allows it to fit in nicely with just about any discipline you want to apply it to.

Chi sau and Hubud Lubud….

A form a momentary paralysis of both body and mind. With the small knife in close its more about controlling the other guy than it is hibud trying to be direct. To trap or tie up the opponents limbs is a large part of getting to the root of hubud. Do you already have an account? Log in or Sign up. What are your thoughts on this?

Chi Sao, Hubud, and Other Sensitivity Drills

This in turns causes a blank-out. Oct 4, 4. March 28, at 7: Which would be more likely to lead to skills that you could actually use against an opponent? Many never go beyond that surface level introduction to the hubud family of drills. Meaning the physical movements of hubud could possibly be learned by just watching someone do the exercise. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As another poster mentioned, hubud was designed primarily with weapons in mind.

  LEY 26093 PDF

Admittedly, as usual, I’m speculating about things which I’m mostly ignorant of. From an empty hand perspective, I think WC has hubud-type stuff beat.

It is a misunderstood four count sequence of actions and it is done in a fast slapping manner hence the “pitter patter” term. By the end of our workout, he actually modified his P.

I went, had a good time Less messing around with limb-destructions and moving directly to striking the center or “core” in the fewest possible number of movements. Furthermore, most sensitivity drills also ingrain bad habits.

Incorporating techniques into realistic fighting is the best way to go. Finally, it comes down to that whole simplicity thing, or “using a few techniques to beat many”. To miss the double tap connection: They train for true, real hkbud combat so to me that says a lot and falls in line with your philosophy.

And the FMA assumption, lubyd at least the assumption in Pekiti is that we always assume there is a knife present.


Hubud lubud with slapping – Brazilian Black Belt

Where chisao holds center, hubud gives center, ah, the best of both worlds then. Both of these skills can be trained exactly as they would be used in self defense, in a scenario based context. This is why you will see more parry-reposte, and less chasing center and what we would refer to as “lat sau jik chung” in something like military sabre, or renaissance dussack, compared to rapier, longsword, or spear. Having no ability to seamlessly switch sides going from right to left without stopping.

Chi Sau teaches you how to shut down and take control of you opponent.

Oct 5, 9. The reason I exist is to guide you through this phase and lock in the vital knowledge you seek and luhud.