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A Oscilloscope Operating and Service Manual. Part Number: ( Aug 76). The A is no longer sold by Keysight; this manual is provided for. To buy, sell, rent or trade-in this product please click on the link below: http://www ยท MODEL A. OSCILLOSCOPE. HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY/ COLORADO SPRINGS DIVISION. GARDEN OF THE GODS ROAD, COLORADO.

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L Return Model A controls to initial settings and disconnect equipment. If con- tacts show excessive wear, replace rotor section. Discharge high voltage by shorting test point A15TP1 to chassis. Rise time should be equal to or less than 1740s.

This section contains performance tests and adjustment procedures for the Model A Oscillo- scope. To order a part not listed in the table, provide the following information: BNC connector for external trigger input.

To reinstall, reverse removal procedure. OK Useable trigger mode. Replacement for Component Locator in Figure Volt on 1st deflection plate Hi Eric Thanks for the info. Connect signal generator and rf voltmeter as shown in figure Internal floodgun graticule illumination. If the A fails to meet one or more of its specifications, refer to the Adjust- ment Procedures, paragraph A old thread by Jim Yanik recommended shorting the vertical deflection plates to each other, which did result in h correct centered trace.


Substrate A5A1 contains nine thick-film resis- tors, one high-frequency monolithic chip, and two discrete transistor chips. Loosen clamp screw at rear of shield and remove CRT from shield. Adjust oscillator for approximately 1-kHz signal with 8 divisions of vertical deflection.

Dec Thu 12, 3: Refer to table for other variations in ambient temperatures. The trigger generator is armed at the end of hoidoff and is ready for the next trigger signal. Channel B fine gain. But even if the problem is in the vertical or horizontal section, it is still good practice to check the low-voltage power supplies, since an out-of-tolerance supply can affect the operation of other circuits.

If the appropriate power cord is not included with the instrument, notify 1740s nearest HP Hpp and Service Office and a replacement cord will be provided.

Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) A used or new for sale at used-line

Ho sync signal external or internal is applied to a two-path amplifier. Remove five screws holding A16 to chassis. The main gate signal is applied to the base of A12UIQ1 controlling its operation.

Attenuator problems may be either on the attenuator itself or within the vertical preamplifier substrate A3AL Page 1 of 1. Remove four screws that hold A5 and bracket to chassis, and remove assembly. Power Cords and Receptacles. This increases system gain by a factor of five and complementary circuitry on the preamplifier simultaneously diminishes position range by the same factor to maintain a consistent position control range. Set square-wave generator controls to obtain a 3-V peak, 5-kHz square wave.


To reinstall A6, reverse removal procedure. Remove bracket over A6 two screws to chassis and two screws to rear panel.

HP 1740A Oscilloscope – Repair HELP!!!

Remove Delayed Sweep Assembly A9 para- graph The gate amplifier assembly contains the cir- cuitry necessary to control brightness of the CRT dis- play. When A7Q17 turns on, A7Q21 turns on and main sweep starts. For mV div and mV div, the second attenuator section again steps to the X2 and X4 attenuation ranges.

If necessary, make sure you use a residue-free contact cleaner Remove A7 by pulling it toward rear and tilting away from sheet metal deck. Post a scanned image of the Scopes Yamp’s circuitry [ from the manual]the section that covers the Y inputs to the Y plates will be enough for starters.

For V inputs, replace fuse A16F1 with 0. Selects main sweep for horizontal display. The block diagrams are drawn for function and do not show circuit details.