HOFFER – Turbine Flow Meter. ♢ Designed for custody transfer flow applications. ♢ Output linear with flow rate. ♢ Optional multiple pickup coils available. Hoffer HO series precision industrial turbine flowmeters offer high accuracy measurement in liquid and gas flow applications. The wide range of construction . For over forty years Hoffer Flow Controls has been designing and manufacturing quality turbine flow meters and related process instrumentation. TALON.

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Hoffer Premier Gas Series turbine flowmeters excel in power applications providing advantages to users furbine as wide flow turndown ranges, multiple rotor blade angles for optimum performance, multiple signal outputs, and significantly lower pressure drop compared to The Hoffer CT Series turbine flowmeters provide extremely accurate custody transfer grade flow measurement in a rim rotor design.

A complete line of flowmeter signal conditioners preamplifiers and flow computers are available. Hammer Union Flowmeters — High Pressure for liquid service. Navy’s H heavy lift helicopter fleet upgrade.

Hoffer Flow Controls Flow Meters

A numeric keypad feature on the touch screen allows easy entry of data parameters and password encryption by authorized personnel. April 28, – Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. Designed to measure flow through a pipeline, this flowmeter provides high accuracy measurement for a variety of applications, including energy consumption, plant cost allocations, and general fiscal measurement.

Subscribe to Lesman’s YouTube channeland you’ll get email notifications as soon as we add new training videos and webinars. Several bearing types are available including hybrid ceramic ball bearings and [ Click the file icon to view the file online, or right-click on the file icon and select “Save Target As Flow Meters Related Portals: The Premier Gas Series of turbine flowmeters provides extremely accurate gas flow measurement at a cost less than typical mass or ultrasonic type flowmeters.


Offered with bladed rotors in sizes 1 inch through 4 inch.

The Hoffer API Series turbine flowmeters provide extremely accurate custody transfer grade flow measurement in a mmeter rotor design.

The HO Subsea Flowmeter Series provides users with multiple features and benefits that are unavailablefrom any other flow meter company. Selection of a flowmeter for many industrial applications is cost driven, where the user is often unable to include a high priced [ Elizabeth City, NC map Call: Hoffer Introduces Mini-Flowmeter Turbine Series The Hoffer Mini-Flowmeter Series handles low flow measurement for clean, low and moderate viscosity liquids and gases used commonly by neter and laboratory users.

Watch step-by-step instructions on how to configure a transmitter, tune a controller, or troubleshoot a turine valve. My Cart Books Online Training. These flowmeters are typically used to measure liquid petroleum products.

HOFFER – Turbine Flow Meter

yoffer The most powerful helicopter in the U. March 2, – Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. Hoffer’s STAR Series liquid turbine flowmeters are available to measure liquid flow applications in 11 sizes and cover a flow range of. Hoffer’s calibration laboratory carries ISO and Z accreditation. Hoffer Introduces Hit-1 Intelligent Transmitter The HIT-1 transmitter performs linearization for up to 20 flow points and provides a linearized mA output signal proportional to flow rate.

Hoffer Calibration Services Flow Meter Calibrations Hoffer provides a comprehensive range of flow meter calibrations services for liquid, gas and cryogenic field calibrations. Rim design CT Series custody transfer flowmeters Notes: Hoffer will supply turbine flowmeters used for critical cooling flow measurement systems for the new lead ship of the DDG class, the USS Zumwalt. Built to your specifications, these meters can be custom designed to fit the customers existing Hoffer introduces STAR series of liquid flow meters Hoffer’s STAR Series liquid turbine flowmeters are available to measure liquid flow applications in 11 sizes and cover a flow range of.


Visit us at booth to see our latest hodfer measurement solutions for the oil and gas industry. You can choose an integrally mounted explosion-proof enclosure with terminal blocks or signal conditioners, or add a digital flow rate indicator and totalizer for local monitoring ,eter display.

Hoffer Metrr Controls supplies many “insertion” turbine flowmeters to the turrbine pipeline industry. ICE supports measurement turine several predefined liquids: This series is recommended for flow applications where high resolution pulse count is critical in order to achieve custody transfer grade accuracy. With more than 40 years in the flowmeter business, we continue to set the standards for accuracy, reliability, durability, economy and integrity.

Is this your business? This trio of microprocessor based devices is capable of providing signal conditioning and amplification, as well as [ In fact, no other company offers you more flow measurement solutions for subsea flow applications than we do.