This tutorial is developed to guide you to set up hMailServer on VPS, including the configuration of SMTP, TCP/IP ports and Internet. If you’d. A thorough step by step guide on installing hMailServer and setting it up on your home computer. In this step by step tutorial we will learn how to setup hMailServer to send emails from our local computer. hMailServer is a free SMTP (Simp.

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You will now see the domain listed under Domains in the left pane window. When I done that everything went ok.

hMailServer Install and Setup guide | Ivanti User Community

Configure the A record mail. Close Are you sure you want to delete this document? It is recommended that you download the latest stable version. C string compare example. Configuring your email client In your email client, add a new account.

Style GridView and Pager with custom css in simple steps. Although the initial setup can be tricky, this guide makes it very easy even for beginners and non-technical people to easily install and setup hMailServer by following the step by step guide. Add password for your email address. After configuring domain next step is to add accounts.


While it’s possible to run hMailServer without telling it its public hostname, some email servers will reject email from you if you don’t specify it. Password – The password you defined in hMailServer Administrator.

In this step by step tutorial we will learn how to setup hMailServer to send emails from our local computer. The password used here is used by Administrative tools to access hMailServer. If you would like to have your domain registration and DNS under control there is good and simple solution via DynDNS, and I can setuo that topic if there is need.

Same as the account address you added in hMailServer Administrator.

Single server, static IP address

Maximum message size If specified, hMailServer will reject messages larger than this size. Please share our page! You should also check that your ISP has not blocked port 25 for incoming traffic. Post-installation tasks Service dependencies hMailServer 4.

Go to the http: If you are facing problems you can refer to the troubleshooting section or lookup the step by step installation and setup guide for help. Best solution for this is to whitelist IP addresses you access your email from, this works for me in the production environment. Ensure hmailservee the Host name localhost is selected and click Connect.


Configuration tutorial

If you choose the default, that is, the built-in MySQL, the installation software will automatically create the database and tables needed by hMailServer.

These default Hmailwerver ranges should be sufficient for almost all users.

Before installing hMailServer, you should ensure that your computer fulfills the system requirements. Settings — make sure you have your hmail Administration interface secured with good username and password.

That is all for now under Accounts tab. If you want the addresses webmaster something.

The first thing which appears is the Connect dialog. Hmailserger C Regex for alphabet characters only. Click on accounts tab then click on Add button situated at right hand side of the administrator tool.

Please note that you should never specify localhost You will need the password later on when performing server administration, so don’t forget it. Click Save and then Exit.