The late Mike Mentzer won the Mr. Universe contest in , and he used Mentzer obviously thought high-intensity training a superior way to. The original high-intensity training system gets an update for today’s gym warrior. Duty training system, Mike Mentzer (–) had only one goal. This way the primary movers, the larger muscles of the group, will do. The principles behind Mike Mentzer’s high-intensity workout system. Rest- pause is another excellent method of transcending failure. Divide your body parts .

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In terms of number of reps: I found that 2 sets of each exercise, rather than 1 to be optimal: Load means reaching for the heaviest weight possible.

High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way

And those who tried a fifth exercise would usually have to stop midway and puke. I found out however that his teeth to the metal techniques work best when mixed in with traditional systems. Nov 30, Hilton King rated it really liked it.

There’s a better exercise to build your back. It really seems sensible to me to load your muscles longer, in BOTH directions.

How bodybuilders can fight post-show depression, how to eat carbs and stay lean, and what to do if squats make you hurt.

The system is great but the frequency is off — the only time it works is when you got in a plateau for the shock factor in case you have been under-recovering for a long time already. Will a change from one style of typical bodybuilding style training to HD-like offer a step in some functions?

Another trend in strength training is high-intensuty not pay much attention to the negative and focus instead on lifting hard and fast through the concentric. As much as any of those Mr. Isaac Ohel says November 18, Warm up?

If you have an opinion, I would be very interested in knowing it. It’s an excellent book for the type of training. It is empowering because it teaches you principles and gives you a starter deck that you are encouraged by Mike to doubt and challenge. Most athletes and coaches have miek missed the mark when it comes to functional or sport-specific strength. I am definitely getting results — I can see my quads have become bigger. I think most exercise physiology people would agree that it’s the negative portion of the exercise that’s most responsible for the slight tearing of the myosin and actin units that make up the microscopically tiny myofibrils that are the primary growth threads of a muscle.


The bodily systems adapted quickly to such extreme demands. Because the vast majority of people who have the best genetic potential for building muscle can’t train themselves efficiently. Instead of reducing the frequency from six times in two weeks to four times in two weeks, we went from six times to five times. Is this a 21st century thing or a German thing? Now I understand I was chronically overtraining.

Mangan says June 1, I did my first slow deadlifts the other day, and I agree.

So far I am still just about managing to either increase the resistance by 0. Initially, I believe Jones thought that ghe Nautilus machines would eliminate a lot of the typical cheating that you see in training with barbells and dumbbells.

I had never done dead lifts before, so maybe all this increasing in high-intejsity and bulk had something to do with the new exercises. I have neither lost nor gained strength or size and my body composition has also remained stable.

The latter being mostly shoulder, forearm, and bicep work that might make me look a bit better. I breezed through this book and in the process was inspired to hit the gym. Yeah, just all blown up with fake muscles! So to me, 2 sets is all it really takes, though I do like a second exercise for at least 1 more. Positive transfer occurs when the activities of practice and competition are identical. Here are the symptoms of low testosterone and everything you need to know to fix it.

The Rebirth of HIT | T Nation

It will teach you about weight-lifting principles traijing work-outs, but it is so much more than that. Losing fat is simple. Mike Mentzer did not develop his body with machines. Mangan says October 5, Eccentric negative or lowering exercise is effective for gaining strength, and Mentzer recommended them.


High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way by Mike Mentzer

Anyone with 6 months of lifting experience should test the advanced protocols. I read Body by science, and was convinced to switch from the conventional routine which took me an hour three times a week.

Mar 05, Timmy rated it it was amazing. Then, Jones, tired of reading advertisements from manufacturers of exercise machines that supplied only positive work, decided that he’d experiment with the negative part of the exercise. Going to “momentary muscular failure” is the guideline, but you have to learn how to reach failure correctly.

Several days later it moved to 12, then 7, and on September 30th, it was 5. Also, Dennis, you need to get like that so you can be an internet sensation too.

High-Intensity Training, Mentzer-Style

In his left hand is one of his favorite means of protection: If dogma exists, it is purely in the mind of the beholder as time and time again, Mentzer gives explanation and reason to why SOME people are able to gain on high sets and most don’t. In the early days at the Nautilus headquarters in Florida, Jones had little patience with most trainees. You may look big and impressive, but end up unable to utilise your strength in a practical manner in day to day life, picking up heavy objects from the floor or pulling your own bodyweight around.

Brilliant read, very informative on not only the physiological concepts of intense training, but also the philosophy behind training and training in the bigger picture of progression. I bench 3x, deadlift 2x and squat 1x per week.

America, and the biggest title, Mr.