designs and builds automated hydraulic drilling rig and equipment solutions: Herrenknecht Vertical’s project-specific hydraulic rigs and components are. Visit our headquarters in Germany or contact us via email, phone or fax. A full range of dedicated services along the entire product lifecycle ensures a.

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All advantages at a glance: In the search for new oil and gas deposits as well as geothermally interesting strata, hard-to-reach areas and great depths are increasingly being tackled. We are meeting this challenge with innovative onshore and offshore drilling technology — so that the ambitious development of future energy herrenmnecht remains efficient. Our subsidiary Herrenknecht Vertical’s deep drilling rigs are equipped with many technical innovations in the area of hydraulics and enable safe and efficient sinking of boreholes down to depths of 8, meters.

Specifically tailored training schedules may include: Our efficient drilling technology makes new energy deposits economical.

Our technology allows drilling operations in sensitive and harsh environments, while adhering to all applicable environmental and safety standards — thanks to application-specific adapted rig solutions. Our automated drilling technology enables contractors and operators to work safer, faster and more cost efficiently. The VB10 also has enough power reserves for use in large-scale projects at great depths.

For engineering and testing purposes, Herrenknecht Vertical has established comprehensive test facilities next to the manufacturing yard. This form of geothermal energy is herrenknect to heat and cool residential houses, public facilities as well as office and industrial buildings. Cooling can also be achieved in summer using the same principle. Der Bezwinger des Gotthards”. Mobile vertical drilling rigs from Herrenknecht can drill down to meters in order to efficiently explore shallow geothermal energy.


Drilling technology for exploration.

The newly developed VB10 vertical drilling rig is designed with maximum compactness and versatility of use. With highly efficient drilling rigs from Herrenknecht, drilling contractors penetrate to great depths to develop new sources of energy quickly and safely.

Exploration Drilling technology for Exploration Innovative drilling technology Product portfolio Exploration Still got questions? Mobile Vertical Drilling Rigs Still got questions? Heavy equipment Geotechnical engineering. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Herrenknecht Group Herrenknecht Vertical is part of the Herrenknecht Group, the technology and market hedrenknecht in mechanized tunnelling systems. The heat pump converts the low-temperature thermal energy from the underground into heating energy. As such, they can be used on projects where conventional drilling rigs cannot drill because they need too much space. Martin Herrenknecht established the Martin Herrenknecht engineering company in It builds TBMs for road, railway, metro and utilities construction.

Roughly two-thirds of the 5, [1] employees work at the company headquarters in the installation of hydraulic and herrenknechy components is carried out as well as final inspection.



Innovative drilling verrtical from Herrenknecht Vertical enables the economic exploration of energy deposits at great depths — whether in hard-to-reach regions, in close proximity to inhabited areas or in the deep sea.

Highly experienced professionals from the Herrenknecht Vertical team support our customers during the operation of our deep drilling rigs.

In the company reported a record level of orders at 1. We offer our expertise when it comes to upgrades of existing conventional rigs.

A transport herremknecht circulating within the probes transfers the heat energy in a closed circuit to a heat pump. The rig is controlled completely hdrrenknecht. Specifically tailored training schedules may include:.

Customized engineering and manufacturing of automated rig solutions form the basis for every successful drilling project. Exploration Securing the energy supply of the future.

Rigs and Equipment | Herrenknecht Vertical

Early contractor-rig manufacturer cooperation makes a project significantly more successful. Around 75 percent of the energy can be utilized, and around 25 percent is supplied as electrical current. About Herrenknecht Vertical Herrenknecht Vertical is a German manufacturer of onshore and offshore drilling rigs and equipment. Your contact person Contact us.