Psychodiagnostik (Psychodiagnostics) is a page monograph written by Hermann Rorschach in containing the results of his studies on mental patients. Hermann Rorschach was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. His education in art helped One year after writing Psychodiagnostik, Rorschach died of peritonitis, probably resulting from a ruptured appendix. He was still associate director. HERMANN RORSCHACH. PSYCHODIAGNOSTICS. A DIAGNOSTIC TEST BASED ON PERCEPTION. INCLUDING RORSCHACITS PAPER.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 8 November Views Read Edit View history. After Ernst Haeckel suggested a career in science, Rorschach enrolled in medical school at the University of Zurich. A major factor that lead Rorschach to differ from his father and not pursue art was that his father passed away while he was still trying to decide what to study. Archived from the psychodkagnostik on He wrote a letter to the famous German biologist Ernst Haeckel asking his advice.

His method has come to be referred to as the Rorschach Testiterations of which have continued to be used over the years to help identify personality, psychotic, and neurological disorders.

Torn between the decision to stay in Switzerland or move to Russia, he eventually took a job as first assistant at a Cantonal Mental Hospital.

He spent his childhood and youth in Schaffhausenin northern Switzerland.


Society for Personality Assessment Fiftieth Anniversary. Rorschach graduated in medicine at Zurich in and at the same time became engaged to Olga Stempelin, a girl from Kazan in the present-day Republic of TatarstanRussia.


Retrieved 7 November The couple were rordchach in and lived in Russia until their relocation back to Switzerland, for Rorschach’s work, in All the while Rorschach remained fascinated by Russian culture and, inhe obtained a fellowship opportunity in Russia where he continued to study contemporary psychiatric methods. Wondering why different people often saw entirely different rorschacj in the same inkblots, he began, while still psychodiagnoshik medical student, showing inkblots to schoolchildren and analyzing their responses.

Retrieved from ” https: The Hernann Rorschach Society. Hans Huber; distributors for the U. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Inthe inkblot test was criticised as pseudoscience and its use was declared controversial. On a trip to Dijon, France he met a man that taught him about Russian culture. Rorschach’s father, an art teacher, encouraged him to express himself creatively [7] through painting and drawing conventional pictures.

Retrieved 16 January One year after writing PsychodiagnostikRorschach died of peritonitisprobably resulting from a ruptured appendix.

His education in art helped to spur the development of a set of inkblots that were used experimentally to measure various unconscious parts of the subject’s personality. The Application of the Interpretation of Form to Psychoanalysis. Rorschach hermsnn a short yet successful life while influencing the world of psychology. Travel was a large part of his life after medical school, these new adventures led him to new opportunities.

Retrieved 9 December This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat Rorschach was a bright student from the beginning, as he often tutored other students at his school. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hermann Rorschach.

He was known to his school friends as Klexor “inkblot” since he enjoyed klecksography making fanciful inkblot “pictures”. The excitement in intellectual circles over psychoanalysis constantly reminded Rorschach of his childhood inkblots. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For example, inGerman doctor Justinus Kerner had published a popular book of poems, each of which was inspired by an accidental inkblot. Hermann Rorschach, in his early years, attended Schaffhausen Kantonaleschule in SchaffhausenSwitzerland.


It has been speculated that the book was known to Rorschach. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of the Comprehensive System. Standards, accuracy, and questions of bias in Rorschach meta-analyses: Neither Lisa nor Wadim had children, and thus Rorschach had no grandchildren or living descendants.

As the time of his high school graduation approached, he could not decide between a career in art and one in science.

Journal of Personality Assessment48, — Rorschach continued to refine the test until his premature death at age Wood and Howard N.

Psychodiagnostik – Wikipedia

Centenary of the birth of Hermann Rorschach. A diagnostic test based on perception P. His life and work”. Psychological Bulletin, 3 The validity of individual Rorschach variables: Psychological Bulletin, 1 While working at the hospital, Rorschach hermabn his doctoral dissertation in under the eminent psychiatrist Eugen Bleulerwho had taught Carl Jung.

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