And Still They Fly!: The Henoch Prophecies [AND STILL THEY FLY 2/E] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for And Still They Fly!: The Henoch Prophecies [AND STILL THEY FLY 2/E] at Read honest and. Regarding the future of the USA. In Part 1 of this new interview series, former Navy Seal, Bob Wiegand, and Michael Horn discuss the prophetic.

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The self-addressed envelope is then posted and bears the ;rophecies mark Hinwil 29 th Oct. My recently given explanation is just as correct as that which you were given a few years ago. Especially in France and Swedenmachinations as well as dictatorial regulations of the European Union will cause much unrest and many uprisings; but also crimes committed by gangs and organized criminal elements in these countries will cause unavoidable civil wars.

The predictions Billy Meier published in But the distant future will prove the entire truth about our contacts with you, and then people will also prohpecies our help that we have provided them through you, even though they mistakenly assume that we come here from the Pleiades known to people on Earth.

Anarchy will be the condition worldwide, which will prevail for a long time and torment the people just as well as all the many diseases, illnesses and epidemics, many of which will be new and unknown to man and therefore not be curable for him. The Meier case is complicated and many faceted.

The Henoch Prophecies – WW III

Destruction of war will descend on the northern countries as strong military forces will invade them from the East and will pillage and murder as well as use bombs and missiles, like hail coming propheciex, and hitherto unknown weapons of laser- and computer-controlled types which will destroy and annihilate everything, whereby the first target will be Hungary and after that will follow Austria and northern Italy.

Developmental aid, as it is practiced on the Earth by the wealthy countries and people, is not only destructive but also inhumane, for through this, the self-initiative of the people of underdeveloped countries is inhibited and made impossible. Billy Semjase and Ptaah already told me that. But this will not lead to rest, because the new Russia will continue its longstanding conflict with China over Inner Mongolia, with the result that Russia will lose a portion of this territory to China.


Contact Report 215

The jacket he put on was an American bomber type jacket. However, this will not be the end yet—because the effect of biological bombs and missiles, etc. Horrifying weapons and a possible world war. All of these non-values must be removed in order to prophfcies the true sages back in their proper place in society. Die Zeit wird so hart sein wie noch nie zuvor auf der Erde, denn letztendlich kann nichts mehr gekauft oder verkauft werden.

This book is a critically important and fascinating work, that has already PROVEN beyond any doubt it’s predictive value, and immeasurable value and insight. He said I watched it all on viewing screens.

Meier Oh, now I get it. Wiki tools Special pages. It must be sufficient for you that you now know his date of death, but you must not mention it before it has occurred. Also besteht immer die Moglichkeit – immer vorausgesetzt, der Mensch der Erde wird vernunftig dass sich prophdcies ein vernunftiges Umdenken sowie durch eine vernunttige Gefuhlsentwicklung und ein eben-so vernunttiges Handeln alles zum Guten, Besseren und Positiven wandelt, wodurch sich die Prophetien nicht erfullen mussen.

These pages then followed, translated into English from the original German language text Stevens got photocopied that day, 9 th of March The events were horrifying, with which more than 3, people were brutally and bestially murdered on the 15th or 16th of September, The aggressors from the East will force the French Army to join their military forces and lead a war of conquest against the northern countries of Europe, invading and conquering Sweden and Norway.

Finally, many Asian, African and European states will rise up against the American hegemony, prophfcies they recognize that the United States of America is only taking advantage of them for purposes of war, conquest and exploitation.


Understand, but that is certainly a good thing.

The man decisive for this action will be Mikhail Gorbachev. Because according to the German contact notes the Pope was murdered by poison and the same would happen to the next pope, but nothing is mentioned how this murder event was carried out.

Add both to Cart Add both to List. Enormous powers will be created through the sciences and released by the military and armies as well as by terrorists whereby a major destruction result.

Also ist dazu weiter nichts zu sagen. When I looked at the notes later, I discovered that Eva had misunderstood and gave me more pages than Meier intended, because there were prophesies that had not yet been fulfilled. So spricht sein Unterbewusstes, ja. It must finally come to an end on Earth that human beings with other forms of conviction as well as different faith, skin colour and race are hated, pursued, tortured and killed. When should these connections with the planned European Union come about, then?

In particular, it was the fourth pyroclastic flow that wiped out so many human lives, while the fifth and sixth just did the rest. The fact will be that these irresponsible ones — for which they already prepare and strive today — will form connections with the UN and NATO, as well as with the forthcoming European Union, whereby the true neutrality of Switzerland will be destroyed, and indeed, against all contrary assertions of the responsible governments and the misled population, as I already explained to you.

But death, destruction and annihilation will not only rage in Europe but also in America, where much suffering will have to be endured and many deaths as well as destruction and annihilation will be.