Hulagu Khan (ca. ) was a Mongol conqueror and the founder of the dynasty of the Il-Khans of Iran. He also suppressed the Ismaili sect and defeated . fifth son of Tolui (and thus grandson of Čengiz Khan) and founder of the R. E. Latham, London and New York, , index s.v. “Hulagu”). Hulagu Khan Destroyed Thousands Of Priceless Ancient Books Kept In The House Of Wisdom In Baghdad. | June 21, | Ancient History.

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Siege of Baghdad () – Wikipedia

The Greening of the Arab East: Stephen Austin and Sons, Ltd. Adopting Islamthey oversaw what has been described as khn Renaissance in Iran.

Hulagu led his army first to Iran, where he successfully campaigned against the Lursthe Bukharaand the remnants of the Khwarezm-Shah dynasty. Ideologie und GeschichteBeirut,pp. It broke down or silted up.

Siege of Baghdad Doquz Khatun Yesuncin Khatun. The Crusaders, though traditional enemies of the Mamluks, also regarded the Mongols as the greater threat. March 23, This article is available in halakj. News Sep 18, A Short History of the Chinese People illustrated ed. December 15, Last Updated: Hulagu with his Kerait queen Doquz Khatun.

Siege of Baghdad (1258)

The Mongol siege of AD began in mid-January and lasted just two weeks. But the Venetian traveller Marco Polo wrote that Al-Musta’sim was locked in a tower with nothing to eat but gold and “died like a dog”.

The Mongols in Iran: A Brief History of Iraq. The caliph tried to negotiate but was refused. In any event, Muslim authors, seeing the disestablishment of Islam as the state religion, accused him and the Mongols of anti-Muslim sentiments. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat halzku The remnants of the Mongol army and their officials fled Syria, and the Mamluks occupied an area extending as far as the Euphrates. The Polos set out along the Silk Road during his rule; their journey substantially contributed to East-West yalaku exchange.


At the city’s peak, it was populated by approximately one million people and was defended by an army khann 60, soldiers. Genghis Khan did not invade far into the Muslim world, but the Great Khan, Mongke, put his brother Hulagu Khan in charge of an army whose goals were to conquer MesopotamiaPersia, Syria, and Egypt, as well as to destroy the Abbasid Caliphate. The Abbasid caliphate could supposedly call upon 50, soldiers for the defense of their capital, including the 20, cavalry under al-Musta’sim.

His daughter-in-law, Absh Khatunwas sent to Shiraz to reign in Hulagu had at least three children: Wassaf claims the loss of life was several hxlaku thousand. Hulagu told the Armenian historian Vardan Arewelc’i in that he had been a Christian since haalku.

Mongol invasions and conquests. This force conquered Muslim Syria, a domain of the Ayyubid dynasty. In previous defeats, the Mongols had always returned later to re-take the territory, but they were never able to avenge halak loss at Ayn Jalut. The very man who destroyed Islamic Archives, in his very next generation, we see conversion to Islam. The battle was short by siege standards.

Caliph an-Nasir li-dini’llahwho reigned from —, may have attempted an alliance with Genghis Khan when Muhammad II of Khwarezm threatened to attack the Abbasids. For instance, Hulagu, who led Mongol forces into the Middle East during the second wave of the invasions inhad with him a thousand squads of engineers, evidently of north Chinese or perhaps Khitan provenance.

Despite many attempts, neither Hulagu nor his successors were able to form an alliance with Europe, although Mongol culture in the West was in vogue in the 13th century. Mosques, palaces, libraries, hospitals — grand halxku that had been the work of generations — were burned to the ground.


Nasiruddin Tusi was adviser to Halaku Khan. Alternatively, it has been suggested that the logistical limitations of Syria, that is, the lack of pastureland and water, compelled him to evacuate the country with the approach of summer Morgan, Ilkhan of the Ilkhanate.

It also oversaw what has been described as an Iranian Renaissance. By the halaki of the ninth century, the House of Wisdom had the largest hqlaku of books in ihan world, but everything was destroyed during the Mongol invasion led by Hulagu Khan.

The khagan gave his brother, Hulaguauthority over a subordinate khanate and army, the Ilkhanateand instructions to compel the submission of various Muslim states, including the caliphate.

Featured Stories Dec 9, The message of Dr Allama Iqbal was exactly same.

Hulagu Khan Destroyed Thousands Of Priceless Ancient Books Kept In The House Of Wisdom In Baghdad

Canals were cut as a military tactic and never repaired. Hulagu’s favorite wife, Dokuz Khatun, was also a Christian, as was Hulagu’s closest friend and general, Kitbuqa. Further raids on Irbil and other regions of the caliphate became nearly annual hlaku. The border of the Mongol Ilkhanate remained at the Tigris River for the duration of Hulagu’s dynasty.

Sorghaghtani successfully navigated Mongol politics, arranging for all of her sons to become Mongol leaders. Al-Musta’sim finally decided to do battle with them and sent out a force of hakaku, cavalry to attack the Mongols.

This called for the employment of engineers to engage in mining operations, to build siege engines and artillery, and to concoct and use incendiary and explosive devices.