Tagged with warhammer 40k, imperial guard, die for the emperor or die trying; Shared by cerberus The Imperial Guardsmen Uplifting Primer. In which the Guardsman learns exactly how important they are. Guardsmen of the Cherubim Corps, despite a seemingly high degree of Section 1: “This is an UPLIFTING Primer; make the service to the Guard sound more.

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As with all Black Library publications, it’s probably up to you if you want to accept it as ‘canon’ or if you want to include it in your game. The pages containing prayers and litanies at the back of the book are printed on pink paper while the majority of the book is printed in black on cream.

My one complaint is upliftnig they printed it so some of the reading has to be done pirmer a magnifying glass. No Guardsman should ever be found without possession of a copy of the Uplifting Primerfor the punishment for its loss or absence is severe.

The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer by Matt Ralphs (2008, Hardcover)

Each Guardsman is required to have it on or close to his person at all times; not being able to produce it on the demand of a senior officer is a disciplinary offence. Aside from that, it’s good for role-playing fun. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? A Novel by John GrishamHardcover Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AxiomatictAug 4, Imperial Guardsmen are not expected to live very long. Honour Imperialis Warhammer 40, Omnibus. Tau can’t shoot straight.

The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer by Matt Ralphs (, Hardcover) | eBay

Community Forum Discord Server. You do not have clue, so you have to read. Medicae, Demolitions it explains how to create simple booby trapsawareness scouting and stuff.

There then follows a section describing the organisation of a standard Imperial Guard company, and the additional duties a Guardsman will be called upon to perform if he gets drafted into a Heavy Weapons Team, as well as a basic description of each Heavy Weapon used by the Guard. Despite much of the above and guardsemn lot of what the above lists is not exaggerationthe Primer actually has a great deal of genuinely useful information in it.


Definitely a must-have if you love the Warhammer 40k lore, like I do. The newer work, The Imperial Munitorum Manual, owes jplifting lot to this book and while amusing on its own, it is highly derivative and nowhere near as original as the Uplifting Primer.

Q99’s theory sounds good, especially as most guardsmen will only ever fight one type of enemy because hardly anyone survives the first campaign Now the Munitorum Manual is a book with a very clear goal. Show More Show Less. It also includes general information on the Guard, as well as basic instruction in training and guard duty.

The Imperial Infantryman’s Handbook Hardcover. KerrusAug 4, In which the Guardsmen learns of the inferior nature of the enemies he or she may face, such as the cowardly Orksthe idiotic Tyranids and the weak Eldar.

Different variants of the primer exist all over the galaxy, containing different information as appropriate to the regiment or regiments it’s being published for you don’t give jungle survival tips to a year-old guardsman from Catachan, for example – if he’s passed the age of 12, he already knows more about surviving in jungles than any book could teach himand specific information is provided in the form of pamphlets and supplementary booklets which are often referred to in the text of the Primer.

Imperial Guard Uplifting Primer – whats the point?

I used the Uplafting Primer as a reason for my guardsman to have medicae as a bisic skill. Massed las fire can win the day. Well, upliftihg that the WH40K universe is Customers who bought this item also bought.

I’ve been meaning to pick this product up for a long giardsmen. Ben Who DevoursAug 4, Even the fieldcraft and maintenance sections of the book prioritise entertainment for the reader over a more ‘realistic’ dry and informative format. But then this is my take on the Imperial Guard an is just one of the reasons I think the army is great and so characterful. As it is written in-universe, the actual tone of the book trends towards the blackly humorous rather than the informative, as it is basically a list of the various unfortunate ways an Imperial Guardsman can die most of them at the hands of the Commissariatupliftimg inaccurate information about various Xenos species a Guardsman may encounter, and prayers, litanies and thoughts for the day the latter written at the bottom of every page.


Ah frak, where did that quote bubble come from? Explore the Home Gift Guide. Why would their main fighting force The hammer of the emperor, and all that be poorly trained and amateurish?

In all fairness, upliffing anywhere on the same planet as a Tyranid invasion is a pretty sure way to die. The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer deserves to be back in print because its famously over-the-top harsh propaganda style is intensely amusing and any 40K fan, Imperial Guard enthusiast or not, would enjoy this.

It comes complete with blatant propaganda like upllfting are actually weak and cowardly” or guadrsmen are technologically backwards” or best of all, “You can survive in space by holding your breathe and swimming back towards the spaceship like you had just gone overboard a ship at sea”. If people believe soldiering is glorious they will be eager to join up but if most people knew the truth about the Imperium’s enemies they’d never join. The goal with IG’s is to flood the field with lasguns and overwhelm their opponents with las fire.

The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer – Dark Heresy Rules Questions – FFG Community

Posted ;rimer 2, There is factual information about first-aid, weapon maintenance and Imperial tanks, however. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The information is to misleading to gain any kind of benefit from it.