You’ll find more than 18 hours of Photoshop video tutorials on this channel. These tutorials are aimed at intermediate to advanced Photoshop users. The Eureka Gry Garness ebooks on retouching are a resource for photographers who retouch, and retouchers who want to develop skills and efficiency. eBooks. The Gry Garness ebooks on retouching in Photoshop and digital colour are written by a working retoucher (and former fashion and advertising.

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I no longer sell anything from my own site. My updated and revamped Photoshop retouching videos are now found gatness Eurekaand lots of new new tutorials too. The retouching skills and retouching techniques are shown from the bottom up, so that all intermediate retouchers can follow, while the more advanced can fast-track skim through the bold text to get to the best bits!

They are encoded in High Definition so you can see the fine detail of the images and interface. Retouching Lips 22 min. It made me much more comfortable in my first points of contact with the retouching business and gave me the garnews I needed.

Pop The Highlights 8 min. I highly recommend anything Gry Garness has authored.

She is an international working retoucher who has retouched beauty product campaigns and a many UK celebrities. Greenery and Nature Subjects: It was at this point garnes your tutorials really helped me through many of the retouching processes and the work with a 3rd party. My books and tutorials are about photography, and how to make a good photograph look amazing. Color Managing Images 18 min. Retouching Eyes 36 min. You can watch the tutorial as many times as you like within the rental period.


Arm Hairs Quick Conceal 12 min. The video training shows all aspects of professional beook, through a great variety of images, with models and non-models. I personally prefer the understated approach to processing with an emphasis on a flattering color palette, but everyone has their own gzrness. This is an educational tool aimed at intermediate-advanced Photoshop users and the retouching is performed with a tablet.

Gry Garness retouching & Photoshop video tutorials

These eBooks are crammed with techniques, ideas and guidance on retouching. As with her other educational eBooks, author Gry Garness offers an extremely comprehensive look into the topic and uses excellent visual examples at literally every opportunity. These tutorials are tried-and-tested in a professional workflow. Retouching Eyebrows 20 min.

About Gry Garness Videos – Eureka Imaging

Changing The Color Of Clothes 12 min. The subject of color theory is quite sophisticated and this is a high-level textbook which can be utilized by everyone from beginner to professional colorists. A subscription offers the best value if you want to spend time learning at your own pace. The videos are now categorized, so you fry browse by topic. Judging The Input 11 min.

Gry Garness

A set of Tool Presets and a limited set of training images are supplied. Gry Garness is an experienced Photoshop trainer, on her 11th Photoshop version.

Masking With Ease In Photoshop 23 min. Hidden Colors, Practical Color Theory for Photography and Post-Production is an advanced, interactive, multimedia course in color that stretches the.

Changing Hair Color In Photoshop 11 min. This retouching DVD is geared towards professional photographers and intermediate-advanced retouchers working in editorial, advertising and social photography.


The Search feature in Adobe Reader is like a super-index.


This is perfect if you vry a specific skill that you need to learn, allowing you to choose one topic that you need in-depth training on. The layer workflow is editable and is therefore perfect for commissioned retouching where the brief often changes by the hour. Reshaping Features In Photoshop 11 min.

Hair Masks Using Color Adjustments 30 min. I relate everything back to the capture of an image, and help my students with tips that are going to improve the capture and make it ideal for manipulation.

I worked through a lot of tutorials and then I stumbled over yours. This is a much more grh book than ‘Essential Color Management’. Retouching Under Eye Bags 16 min. It teaches you to achieve quality and efficiency, and deliver the best work possible to your picture editor, printer or client, for the ultimate showcase — your published work! This ‘channel’ features the same retouching videos as on Gry’s Retouching Techniques DVD, updated for all versions gdy Photoshop, inclucing CS6 and CC, revamped and many expanded, plus several brand new tutorials.

The training is focused on the skill garness retouching, rather than novelties in Adobe Photoshop.