Since the production of her first solo play, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), she has become widely known and revered in the theatrical and literary. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald. Ann- Marie MacDonald. Photo by David Hawe. Used with permission from Random. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) [Ann-Marie MacDonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this exuberant comedy and.

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When he arrives to pick up the articles that Constance has ghost-written for him, she is even more flustered and apologetic than before. Goodnight Desdemona begins with a “dumb show,” goodmornibg a scene with no sound, in which three situations occur simultaneously. Passionate about bridging online and offline communities to effect positive change.

Desdemona sees Othello give Constance a necklace, and her suspicions increase. In the prologue of Goodnight Desdemonathe Chorus takes Constance’s manuscript out of the wastebasket and talks mysteriously about alchemy, the mythical process of turning base metals gkodmorning gold. Venice was initially ruled by an glodnight duke, but power was later divided between elected and appointed aristocrats. While she is there, she sees a ghost like that of the King in Hamlet, who tells her that the Wise Fool and the Author are the same “lass”.

MacDonald juxtaposes the Renaissance notion of alchemy with references to Jungian analysis, a twentieth-century version of a similar phenomenon: They promise to forgo their tragic impulses, and Constance realizes that she is both the Author of the play and the Wise Fool.

Constance Ledbelly Lesley Robertson is a timid yet desdrmona assistant professor who is convinced that Othello and Romeo And Juliet were both originally comedies before being adapted into tragedies. When Desdemona arrives on the scene shortly thereafter, Constance introduces herself, still marveling at her presence in the play:. Feminist themes desdeomna equality and self-confidence run through the work.

Jen Swan Assistant Stage Manager: Desdemona then urges Constance desdekona come to Cyprus, while Juliet exhorts her to remain and die with her. She becomes, if you will, the “Judith” Shakespeare that never was.

Connecting tragedy to the belief in absolute values, MacDonald emphasizes that an absolutist mindset is dangerous and perilous, and it is preferable to avoid both tragedy and absolutism.


And hit bottom she does, as Claude announces that he is marrying Ramona and moving with her to Oxford, where he will take the post for which Constance thought she was being groomed. MacDonald stresses throughout the play that it is a great problem to see no gray area between comedy and tragedy. I assume that the sets, painted to look as if build from scrap metal, are supposed to remind us that Constance has entered her wonderland via a wastebasket. Skip to main content.

In more serious efforts, playwrights have used Shakespeare as a jumping-off point, borrowing from the text in creative ways to frame contemporary issues. Structurally, these two bits of dialogue serve as precursors to her encounters with Juliet “Julie” and Desdemona Ramona.

In this play, Constance Ledbelly, a struggling assistant professor at Queen’s University, is convinced that the sources for two of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, Othello and Romeo and Julietwere actually comedies and that Desdemona and Juliet, misunderstood and unappreciated by contemporary critics, were originally comic heroines.

She is as bloodthirsty and quick to jump to conclusions as is Shakespeare’s Othello.

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) Belfry Theatre a review

Which raises the question—just how serious is the writer with this pastiche Elizabethan verse? It also provides a thoughtful commentary on such issues as feminism, academia, Elizabethan values, and the nature of tragedy. Histrionic and committed to a romanticized vision of suicide, she seeks out opportunities to plunge a dagger into her breast or swallow ogodmorning to prove her love. Othello tells Constance not to make known to Desdemona that he was jealous of his wife. Constance believes that the Ghost is Yorick, the family jester whom Hamlet finds dead upon his return to Denmark.

Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet at Belfry Theatre – a review

At this point she is ready to recognize that she herself is the wise fool she has been seeking. Juliet complains to her nurse that she is dying of boredom and wishes that she could be unmarried, able to play the deadly game of love. The effect is tedious; worse still, it is dramatically disengaging. Goodmorninf stir up the pot even more, the play assigns multiple roles to every actor except the one playing Constance, deliberately crossing over gender lines.


This’ll be a great chance for me to quit once and for all. Constance, shamelessly exploited by Professor Claude Night, is hot on the trail of a new theory about two particular Shakespearean tragedies— Othello and Romeo And Gooodnight. The play then presents us with a proliferation of transformations—Shakespearean characters are recast in contemporary terms with decidedly different characteristics the passive Desdemona becomes aggressive and warlike, pure and faithful Juliet seeks new sexual experiences, Othello is a windbag, etc.

Like Othello, Desdemona is jealous and gullible enough to commit murder. More of that type of union can be found in the unlikely world of musical theatre. If she can just find the Fool and discover the author of the repressed sources by decoding the manuscript, she will revolutionize the standard interpretations of these great plays.

Desdemona agrees and tells her to come to battle. Believing Iago’s testimony that the strawberry handkerchief he gave Desdemona is now in Cassio’s possession and goofmorning this is evidence of Desdemona’s infidelity, Othello declaims, “Damn her, lewd minx, O, damn her. Romeo thinks that Tybalt is Constance and puts his hand on Tybalt’s bottom. Constance is then transported by warp effect back to her office at Queen’s University, where she finds that her pen has turned to gold.

Tom Stoppard probably heads the list, having turned to the Bard of Avon for inspiration on at least four occasions. When she refuses, saying she can’t even kill a mosquito, Desdemona replies, “That’s a fault,” adding that to defend her honor, a single woman “must study to be bloody and betimes.

Review – Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) – Canadian Stage, Toronto – Christopher Hoile

This period was the height of Verona’s power, when it was dominated by the aristocratic family of the Scaligeri. Before Desdemona can kill her, Constance is dragged offstage. Both her professional aspirations and her romantic daydreams are decimated within a matter of minutes.