Gonotec – Osmomat The OSMOMAT is the standard system for the determination of the total osmolality in aqueous solutions. This system is commonly. Gonotec Gesellschaft für Meß- und Regeltechnik mbH does not assert any claim on trademarks or trade names other than its own. ® OSMOMAT model. Find pricing on new and used Gonotec Osmomat ‘s and other lab products. Connect with a variety of sellers on LabX and buy today.

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How can I convert the readings which obtained directly from the screen for example 0. The unit does gonohec need to be switched off for this cleaning process, so measurement is only briefly interrupted. Error Messages and Troubleshooting 21 6 Error Messages and Troubleshooting Component and Gonootec Elevator guide Manually lowers the sample into the lower cooling system Lower cooling system Cools the sample Malfunction Effect Sluggish noisy Possible Cause Procedure Mechanical wear due to ball bearing abrasion Lubricate the track, e.

Use of the equipment in a manner not covered by the product specifications. We will charge a processing fee for cleaning and disinfecting contaminated equipment. Attach a new needle bar with protective tubing to the motor swipe. Calibration cannot help minimize damage in the case of malfunction. This sets the value of the calibration solution used for calibration.

In principle, any other terminal software can be used, but the data format will have to be adjusted. The end user must provide proof of the purchase date.

Gonotec Osmomat 030 Cryoscopic Osmometer

Re-attach the Plexiglas shield. Use a pair of pliers to adjust the needle to the proper length end of needle approximately 2 mm under the upper edge of the cooling pin. Crystallization is then automatically initiated by injecting ice crystals. A plain-text explanation for the mismeasurement is printed out. Respective Jurisdiction This warranty statement guarantees the customer certain legal claims.


Tear off any paper protruding from the slot osmomaf replacing the ribbon. Before undertaking any work on the equipment, read the safety notices in the appropriate chapters of this manual.

These operating instructions help you gain a basic understanding of the design, the measurement principle, maintenance and servicing of the unit. Appears beside the name of the product batch.

The OSMOMAT D ensures reliable recording of the measurement results, together with and easily distinguishable from the sample numbering, and increases the speed of series measurements. Provisions of Certification CE compliance requires that the unit be installed and operated in the manner described in this manual. Step 1 Raise the cover of the upper ognotec system Figure 7: You will feel a slight resistance and hear a click. The stainless steel needle that transports the ice crystals is not moving from its psmomat to lower position.

If Gonotec is unable to repair or replace a defective product to which the Gonotec warranty applies, Gonotec shall refund the purchase price of the product within a reasonable oosmomat following notification of the respective defect. RS interface with pin assignment gonotdc. Elements of this warranty statement that conflict with local laws can be regarded as amended to comply with the applicable laws.

The total osmolality of aqueous solutions is determined by comparative measurements of the freezing points of pure water and of solutions. If any damage is found, notify the manufacturer: We cannot accept responsibility for any missing items reported at osmomwt later date. Thermistor with mounting plate Next, insert the plug of the connector cable into the connector and guide the thermistor cable into the groove along the side. Replacement products may be new or almost new, as long as their functionality is at least that of the replaced product.


This is because their openings are dilated when they are placed on the sensor.

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Before working on the initiation needle, please ensure the following: Convert Osmomat readings into MPa. The measured value is rejected and the unit must be reset. Calibration at three points. Be sure to identify samples uniquely. Twist the knob again to tighten the ribbon. If Osmomah is notified within the warranty period of a defect in a hardware product and if the Gonotec warranty applies to the defect, Gonotec shall repair or replace the defective product at its discretion.

Any departure from the specifications or independent modifications somomat the 0300 without the express consent of Gonotec GmbH may result in a violation of CE requirements. Thermistor probe adjustment along Y-axis 7.

The printer uses normal paper and an ink ribbon cartridge. No ice forms in the upper cooling system because the humidity is too low or the unit was operated too quickly after having been switched on. Original Gonotec rolls of printer paper.

Mismeasurements that do not produce a result on the digital display and osmkmat which the LED for spontaneous crystallization or no crystallization illuminate are not counted.

Re-used measuring vessels also exhibit these characteristics. The temperature remains constant because further heat removal does not result in a lowering of the temperature but the formation of ice.

Compliance is declared per Annex III. Incorrect feed direction for paper roll