Glory lily (Gloriosa superba) has been widely cultivated as a garden ornamental, particularly in the warmer parts of the country. The exotic flowers of gloriosa lily, with their amazing color and an a wide variety of problems and is still cultivated in India or collected in the. Nothing quite compares to the beauty found in a Gloriosa lily (Gloriosa superba), and growing a climbing lily plant in the garden is an easy.

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The margins may be quite wavy. An endangered medicinal plant. The Royal Collection Trust. Seed and seed rate Gloriosa is propagated through tubers. Superbaa 6 Effect on growth of plant G. Cow dung and ghee treated groups have an advantage as far as growth regulation is concerned in comparison with the chemical methods.

Weeds of Australia – Biosecurity Queensland Edition Fact Sheet

Table 3 Presence of micronutrients in the soil. The six stamens also are long, up to 4 centimeters, and each bears a large anther at the tip that drops large amounts of yellow pollen.

It has been used to commit murder, to achieve suicide, [9] and to kill animals. At the same time, treatment given with cow dung and ghee gives very good result on growth regulation.

Retrieved 11 December In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Rajashekhara 1 Department of Dravyaguna, K. The flowers are large and showy 4. Within a few hours of the ingestion of a toxic amount of plant material, a victim may experience nauseavomitinggloriosw, and tingling around the mouth, burning in the throat, abdominal pain, and bloody diarrheawhich leads to dehydration.


Ayurveda group may be considered as a better one in the assessment of reproduction capacity in terms of yield of seeds. Major constituents – Colchicine 0. Total number of plants used by pharmacies is aboutof which some are of extremely limited distribution. This can be cultivated up to m from mean sea level with an annual rainfall of 70 cm. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gloriosa superba.

Economic part – Seed Major constituents – Colchicine 0. The vines are trained over support plants Commiphora beryii, Dedonea viscose. World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. Several cultivars are still common in cultivation, and these are usually distinguished by the colour of their xuperba.

The plant likely is pollinated by butterflies and sunbirds. Methods Collection of the planting cultivatoon, planting the authentic samples of identical weight in the natural habitat of the plant and leave them to have a natural growth by exposing them to existing soil and weather conditions.

Horticulture :: Medicinal Crops :: Gloriosa

Conclusion Planning, implementation and assessment of cultivation as per the procedures of Vriksha-ayurveda are possible. These flowers are borne on stalks i.

In general, this plant is common in the wild. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. Bharat Mien Jadibutiyon ka Krushikaran. New Crop Resource Online Program. Irrigation Irrigation is given immediately after planting. Chauhan2 B. Reproductive biology of Gloriosa superba. Biodiversitas 10 4 One case report described a patient who accidentally ate the tubers and then experienced hair loss over her entire body, including complete baldness.


International Journal of PharmTech Research 2 2 — Materials To obtain the drug from its natural habitat wild form. Wikispecies has information related to Gloriosa superba. Find articles by M. The unique diversity of the Indian subcontinent in culture and natural vegetation made our ancient seers enlighten the vast knowledge about the medicinal plants.

Table 1 Consolidated data of survey of the plant qualitative and quantitative. Afrikaners British Greeks Jews ” Rhodies “.

Rajashekhara1 Cultivatiln. Care must be taken to avoid the damages to growing portions. Common names include flame lilyclimbing lilycreeping lilyglory lily[1] gloriosa lilytiger claw[2] and fire lily. Collection of sample from the natural habitat and planting them of identical weight in three groups, viz. It appears prominently on local environmental weed lists and during a recent study it was ranked among the top most invasive plants in south-eastern Queensland.

They are somewhat lance-shaped and tipped with tendrils, and they are up 13 [4] to 20 centimeters long. As with other members of the Colchicaceae, this plant contains high levels of colchicinea toxic alkaloid. Native to sub-Saharan Africa i.