You can find them at ) As I read this book written by Gingery, I noticed that the molds were machined with a lathe and made from aluminum. The general agreement here is that the gingery lathe is a POS, and that you should only build one for practice, not for actually using it. ive been a member here for some time mostly just reading and now this section has been added i may be able to contribute. this is my casting project. i.

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But large precision bearings are not cheap, gingefy there’s the added complexity of having to preload them to take the slop out. Report comment Reply Nevermind me in the later videos the risers are kathe. If you have never used a metal cutting lathe and plan to build a Gingery based lathe it will be a great learning experience, and you will never know the difference from a REAL lathe of the same size and the Gingery lathe.

Gingery Lathe Re-hashed

Nice feedback like this really makes me want to complete the shaper, mill, and other projects too. To me, this was one of the great learning experiences of a lifetime.

The disadvantage is higher friction and a lower lifespan, but for the first—just get a slightly bigger motor. You can get these from Lindsay’s Books. The Gingery books and, really, most DIY books from that era are: Not having any machining skills, I was lost.

The Best Gingery Lathe Video Series To Date

Sign up for the Make: Quite curious how gingeey detail with the lathe cuck will be solved and if the rod, which is holding the chuck is going to be hollow. Results 1 to 10 of Also, you mentioned “beefing” up the patterns would this still be needed with the cast iron? As I see it “aluminum” is the main problem with the Gingery Lathe as well as most of the Gingery machines.


The object is to make them like one piece of material. Thanks for the encouraging words, Gerrit. If you know of a good Gingery lathe build I may have missed, please take a minute and drop me a link ginhery the comments! So I hit a ginvery stumbling block. This would be an 8×12 lathe, comparable to Gingery size.

In the meantime, keep making stuff! Well I started the Lathe project and had cast the bed and feet when I was given a lathe by a friend of mine. It is like a right of passage to make one of those and at the end you have both a lathe and a manly beard, a ginger coloured one at that.

In my opinion, the real incentive for starting down the Gingery road, should be for the gingfry and experience. Babbitt is dirt cheap, simpler, and no less accurate.

David J. Gingery Publishing

In the spring of I ordered the Gingery series of books on how to build a metalworking shop from scratch. Just watching his experienced hands is a show in itself.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here However, dropping a gingeru of change on it is next to impossible. A bit of humor watching a bunch of hams trying to remove a nonexistent staple from the photo copy Gingedy handed out at radio club meeting. As mentioned, the production is well detailed. When you have a machine or two under your belt, you should be able to design and build nearly any machine or mechanism that does not require more than a quart of metal in igngery single part See the IsoBevel Grinder.


Personally, I would redesign the entire machine using the Gingery drawings as inspiration and guidance, rather than trying to base your design entirely off of them. I have had mine for a few years now and it still serves me well.

The aluminum lathe components do gihgery have the mass or rigidity of a commercially made lathe. He was also a devoted amateur musician primarily tenor banjo and vocalist performing the music of the Great American Songbook and classic country.

Once I built the furnace and discovered that I could actually melt metal with it, I was hooked. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Perhaps it’s the bit or the limited rigidity of the lathe. Not a muscle moves for nothing. In addition to the Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap series, Dave Gingery and his son Vincent have published a large number of booklets on shop practices, engine construction and mechanical miscellanea.

As Anon mentioned the aluminum castings aren’t a good material to make the lathe out of. I think that you can “beef” up the patterns for aluminum to be “ok” llathe the “beefiness” may be infesable if not impossible. You will also be receiving the weekly Make: