Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (Penguin Classics) [Georges Perec, John Sturrock] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “One of the most . One of the most significant literary personalities in the world.”—Italo Calvino Georges Perec, author of the highly acclaimed. Georges Perec, author of th highly acclaimed Life: A User’s Manual, was only forty-six when he Species if Spaces / Especes d’espaces. (). For Pien e.

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His novella Les spexies is a complementary univocalic piece in which the letter “e” is the spaxes vowel used. I initially planned to review each piece separately, but there are like 25 of them. He looks at ‘practical exercises’ for understanding the street — Carry on Until the scene becomes improbable.

The pieces in this volume show George Perec produced some of the most entertaining and spirited essays of his age, and Species of Spaces and Other Pieces is edited and translated from the French with an introduction by John Sturrock in Penguin Classics.

Oppure preparo accuratamente, sistematicamente un itinerario. The whole of Species of Space is to be found in this compilation, and excerpts from a perwc other works.

George Perec produced some of the most entertaining and spirited essays of his age, and Species of Spaces and Other Pieces is edited and translated from the French with an introduction by Pf Sturrock in Penguin Classics. I am even on the perrec this very moment at 5: It felt strange, real, dreamy and at times, too honest. John Sturrock is a literary journalist, sometime deputy editor of the “Times Literary Supplement,” and consulting editor on the “London Review of Books,” He has written widely on French literature, and is an accomplished translator.


But it may lie horizontally atop the other Perecs due to lack of space on the shelf. The pieces in this section offer glimpses at parts of his life, from his parachuting experiences to a story of running away from home in his childhood to a list of “Some of the Things I Really Must Do Before I Die”.

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by Georges Perec

A lot of what he wrote about was space, from That said, it’s well worth a read; Perec may ramble a bit in the odd pages that make up this essay collection, but he does so in a charming, clever way, and I come away from it with a few new ideas to keep in mind the next time I read one of his other books. Can a super separate the main edition of a book? Language itself seemed incapable of speckes this nothing, this void, as if you could only speak of what is full, usable and functional.

But some of his paragraphs are very nice. Ca donne envie de visiter Paris. But if it’s not obstructed it doesn’t see anything; our gaze only sees what it hits; space is what obstructs our view, what our gaze hits, resistance Nothing was more beautiful in old houses than the staircases. It would od a room without function. This was my first book by Perec, and even though I was intrigued by some of the reviews, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Perec is the author of La Disparitiona full-length French novel written completely without the letter ‘e’.

They form a straight line. What does it mean, to live in a room? This is a great collection to take your time over, and savor every word. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.

Just read it and let it make its way inside you the way it’s meant to. A User’s Manual or W Or The Memory Of Childhood, which was written at the same time and isn’t entirely unrelated, especially when he tests his theories on Auschwitz and his hypothetical childhood at the end.


As Georges Perec said in his interview, the empty spaces he leaves after his death are an invitation spacees others to continue the play and game of language and writing. Every chapter is about little else than this fetish of his.

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

It is poignant, extraordinary, while it never rises above concrete description. This volume contains a selection of Georges Perec’s non-fiction works, along with a charming short story, ‘The Winter Journey’.

I travel back in time. Perec pays close attention when I say close attention, I REALLY mean close attention to everything around him, zooming out from the page he writes on the the whole of the space and it’s nature, along the way he observes things as simple as a man locking his car to go to the store, the number and types perecc places he has slept in, and what happens to the picture and the wall its hung on, all in an inviting, welcoming voice.

Selected pages Title Page.

A living room, indeed. Georges Perec was born in Paris, the son of Polish Jews. May 25, Magdalena rated it it was amazing. It will have you thinking deeply of your dining table, your home, your garden, your street, your town, and beyond.