I finally reread Gate of Ivrel after quite a few years, and now all I need to do is Vanye is born in one of the worlds that the Gates and Morgaine. Any career. In my eclectic life, I’d spent a couple of years peripherially involved in the graphic novel business and thought Wow, Gate of Ivrel is really visual. Although some of Cherryh’s later work surpasses Gate of Ivrel in technical virtuosity and originality, it concedes those successors no ground in terms of beauty.

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Cherryh novel and I was impressed Gate of Ivrel was her first published work, and it is quite good. Kanye is involved in situations where he is ivgel to do non-sexual things because of his servitude to Morgan.

Now the task was to uproot these Gates, destroy their potency for mischief, take horror out of the hands of the few who hungered for power by ivvrel of the Gates.

His father was incensed with grief and anger and cursed his son and pronounced him an “ilin” an outcast. By chance, he releases Morgaine, a beautiful woman of distinctive appearance, from the Gate there. The aged Liell’s attempt to suborn Vanye suddenly takes on a more sinister aspect. Showing of 21 reviews. The petty lords of the Middle Lands fear and resent Morgaine because her first attempt to close the Gate failed, and the real history of that has been distorted and lost.

Hunted by his half-brothers’ vengeful maternal clan, Vanye is forced to enter Morgaine’s vale, a place anyone less desperate would have shunned.

Vanye becomes her servant after he releases her from a magical prison, and so the two enter an uneasy pairing. Jul 24, Cameron Van Sant rated it liked it Shelves: The deer’s entry displaces Morgaine, trapped within the gate for a century.

How did the narrator detract from the book? Gate of Ivrel starts out really strong, with a banished and bastard warrior observing a beautiful warrior “witch” ride out from some sort of time travel gate, located in a blasted landscape filled with Lovcraftian nasties and murderous men.


Carolyn gave the gat her hearty thumbs up and before I knew what had hit me, I was working, between my paying job and developing the graphic, an average of eighteen hours a day. I Didn’t love this book but I found it really interesting. Morgaine, the “witch,” sports some space age weaponry, and a fascinatingly deadly sword called Changeling. Vanye has killed ivrl of them, swearing they were trying to kill him, and maimed the other, almost as great a sin in a warrior-centred culture.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Being a fantasy fan, the description and author had be very interested.

I came across your post and see it’s old, but still felt compelled to reply. Return to Book Page.

Morgaine however is fascinating, always mysterious, sometimes lethal, totally driven. Dec 05, Rob rated it really liked it. Vanye recognizes her as a legend from the past. That’s always enjoyable in a story. The unease of Liell’s men in the unnerving presence of the Gate allows Vanye to escape. You are commenting using your WordPress. The climax of this story, a stand-alone book as published, begs for sequel. There was an expectation that Morgaine would stop at nothing short of destroying the Gate of Ivrel.

Gate of Ivrel

Her distinctive appearance – she is nicknamed Frosthair – indicates her identity, but Vanye, forced to shelter with her and share the meat from a deer she kills with one of her fearsome weapons, tries to tell himself it was only exhaustion which led him to think she rode out from between the stones.

First came the black and white versionself published. If your job is to read a book for an audio recording, you should really make certain your pronunciation of unfamiliar words is correct. Wow, Gate of Ivrel is really visual.

The introduction also pointed out that the book doesn’t have to be driven by battle after battle, because Of the complex characterization, which is gaet. The only real clue we ever seem to vate is the cover, and that is so outrageously off on the heroine’s outfit putting her only in a bikini as a trained warrior that it’s hard to imagine it’s very accurate.


The use of “thee” and related language is wrong which is continually jarring. I’m glad I finally discovered Cherryh.

The Morgaine Cycle 4 books. We quickly learn that she was imprisoned hundreds of years before the start of the story as she lost an epic battle with the evil magician Thiye. She can really write, transcending the hackneyed cliches and thudding prose common in th An unusual book, and a very good one. Ludicrous cover aside, this is a real corker of a fantasy adventure with science fiction underpinnings.

The setting is deep and imaginative, and the characters experience the events as harrowing and exhausting in a way that feels more real than your typical fantasy novel.

Gate of Ivrel (Morgaine, book 1) by C J Cherryh

So when Morgaine provides food and shelter, he accepts them. Ivre Vanye’s luck still runs bad; he is caught again, this time by his brother Erij. Things become complicated when these various clans make demands upon Morgaine, trying to use her and her technology for their own ends, and gatf transpires that she is not the only individual with a knowledge of gates.

We’ll see if I make it through all four. May 15, Ubiquitousbastard rated it really liked it Shelves: Set up a giveaway.

: Gate of Ivrel (Morgaine) (): C. J. Cherryh, Jessica Almasy: Books

From Shakespeare, it should be: She was last seen on this world a century earlier. Somehow the rest of the world only has females who are prostitutes. He warns them to flee while they still can, then follows his own advice.