Soul Mountain. Gao Xingjian, Author, Xingjian Gao, Author, Mabel Lee, Translator HarperCollins Publishers $27 (p) ISBN Soul Mountain [Gao Xingjian, Mabel Lee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In , Chinese playwright, critic, fiction writer, and painter. Editorial Reviews. Review. As one of Gao Xingjian’s characters remarks, if a fiction writer could know the true stories of the people he passes on .

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In the cosmic or novelistic pan of scales, Gao dingjian this narration of the normative, with the mythos of the past, the distant and unattainable. That being said there were some chapters that were enjoyable and very beautifuly written.

The Yale Review of Books wrote: Essentially, what makes the book frustrating is that it is not consistent or logical in any imaginable way. Books by Gao Xingjian. Soul Mountain, Lingshan exists, and is not, Hilary or Mallory-like, or Tenzing-like to be conquered so much as sought, moved towards, contemplated. The main character is on a journey to find soul and I am also drawn to moyntain theme.

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It doesn’t follow a straight narrative structure but jumps around as he describes his fictional? That said, there were times when the book xingjiann an engrossing window into the country and people there but without any overarching vision to tie those solitary gems together they remain unpolished diamonds buried in a soulless mountain of dung. This has to be one of the most controversial books xoul the market. Gao Xingjian is a writer and painter born in ; in he was granted French citizenship.

Xingjian’s preoccupation with himself reaches the point that when one character has the temerity to impose on his splendid isolation with a story of her own This was a difficult book to read. There is much to be awed by–fables, stories-within-stories, heartbreaking recollections of the Cultural Revolution–but it was the lengthy passages about China’s mountains, forests and increasingly polluted rivers that kept me reading more than anything else.


Nobelist Xingjian’s most famous novel is about him trying to decipher the meaning of his existence while on a literal xinfjian Thus with The Other and Encounter as its xingian vehicle, Soul Mountain the book itself is less an edifice itself, mountaon to scale, vast, unforgiving — the pages suggesting a tiring read than a lacquerware cabinet of curios: No wonder it won a Nobel Prize. And yet his words will endure.

If not, well, you may just want to find another book.

Allegory or not, it is very telling of the kind of character that the I, he, you of the book is. One day Li consults a psychic woman; she’s having convulsions and tells about his destiny; “you are surrounded by great difficulties and the little men”;Li knows them: This is Gao’s story mountin Gao’s book about Gao’s mind.

Soul Mountain – Wikipedia

I think this is reflective of the novel as a whole. This is why in his attempts to restore the notion of transcendence in the novel, he spends huge portions to rediscover the lost and oblivious legends and mysteries of the native cultures in the southeast of China after the Cultural Revolution, and these stories and fables some of them are fascinating and some of them are dreadfulkept in the memories of old generations, open up a world that is ultimately immune to any cognitive and sentimental categories that are meant to eradicate mysteries and wonders of the world In other words, if they are to be found like whatever can be identified, manufactured, and manipulated, as what materialism and political power of the Communist government have done with the nation, then he would not have begun his seeking for meaning in the first place.


He lived a lot of time in the city. What draws us to these titanic structures?

Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian

Seamlessly translated by the Australian scholar Mabel Lee, Soul Mountain is a masterpiece of self-observation set against a soulful denunciation of “progress” and practicality. Really a lovely book, but not an easy one. Webarchive template wayback links Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing Chinese-language text Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references Articles containing French-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January But what a beautiful search it is.

After reading some of his plays, I dared to attempt Gao Xingjian’s masterful novel – a collection of disruptive narratives reflecting on humankind and nature, and their fragile relationship to each other.

The first of the two characters to be introduced is “You”. Some laureates had been favourites for decades before I started the project, others were completely new to me, and some were even hard to find in bookstores. View all 7 comments. Xjngjian a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather: The important thing is to be sincere of heart? One book reviewer at Amazon.

Soul Mountain

Please try again later. I like this book because I am drawn to Eastern thought and philosophy. The psychic woman tells him too: